WhiteHat Security broadens application security testing portfolio with Bugcrowd partnership

WhiteHat Security announced a partnership with Bugcrowd to broaden the WhiteHat Sentinel application security testing portfolio with vulnerability testing.

The partnership will deliver an application security testing solution to organizations around the world.

WhiteHat Sentinel provides application security testing augmented with human intelligence to reduce risk with near zero false positives.

Bugcrowd offers managed bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs to identify and triage security risks, delivered via a global crowd of security researchers to identify vulnerabilities—before adversaries can take advantage of them.

WhiteHat and Bugcrowd form a solution combining security testing and automated, cloud-based application testing of application code and runtime behavior across the entire application life cycle.

The benefits for customers include:

  • Scanning production websites to minimize the risk of data breaches,
  • Scanning for source code, to speed up time to market and reduce cost,
  • Mobile scans for both source code and binaries before pushing to the app stores,
  • Added capabilities for vulnerability discovery, while meeting compliance and reducing risk,
  • A global crowd of ethical researchers to identify vulnerabilities using the same human creativity as adversaries,
  • Access to elite researchers with specialized skills for coverage of complex attack surfaces such as IoT and APIs,
  • Continuous testing to identify, triage and remediate product security vulnerabilities.

By helping to identify vulnerabilities and manage risks throughout and beyond the software life cycle (SLC), including in the operation phase, customers build an internal knowledge of best practices, improving time to market, and releasing secure applications.

The partnership will give Bugcrowd security researchers access to more attack surfaces – with the identified vulnerabilities integrated into the SLC.

“The combination of WhiteHat Security and Bugcrowd will help to reduce costs and accelerate innovation for organizations who are in the business of constantly developing and rolling out new application functionality,” said John Atkinson, VP of strategic alliances and channels, WhiteHat Security.

“The solution meets a rapidly growing need for security that works at the speed of business.”

“Attack surfaces are growing at a breakneck pace – we are delighted to be working with WhiteHat to bring customers a coordinated approach across the security development life cycle,” said Ashish Gupta, CEO, Bugcrowd.

“Combining WhiteHat’s innovative application security with the power of Bugcrowd’s crowdsourced security platform is a game changer for forward-thinking organizations across any industry.”

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