EclecticIQ strengthens threat intelligence for infrastructures with new integrations

EclecticIQ released new integrations to EclecticIQ Platform. The integrations provide additional insights into threat intelligence for infrastructures.

By offering integrations for Dragos and, EclecticIQ customers can ingest threat intelligence specific to industrial control systems (ICS) as well as to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

EclecticIQ’s Platform, the analyst-centric Threat Intelligence Platform, provides analysts with the sources of intelligence and enrichment data from leading providers and data sources.

In recent years, the number of attacks on infrastructures has been increasing but the defense of ICS and SCADA systems comes with a set of challenges. For that reason, EclecticIQ Platform now integrates the feeds of two intelligence providers:

“Critical infrastructures have a unique threat landscape that requires novel attack vectors and more sophisticated TTPs (Tools, Techniques and Procedures),” said Ewan Hubac, product manager integrations at EclecticIQ. “To defend against those attacks, you need specific threat intelligence sources and specialized knowledge. With the integration of these two feeds, analysts can harness the full power of EclecticIQ Platform to prevent attacks on ICS/SCADA systems driven by threat actors wanting to have a real-world impact.”

With the number of attacks on infrastructures expected to continue at an ever-increasing rate, EclecticIQ has launched EclecticIQ Fusion Center – Critical Infrastructure Intelligence Bundle, which covers threats including ICS-tailored malware and TTPs related to infrastructure operational technology and its supply chain.

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