90% of consumers value additional security measures to verify mobile-based transactions

A strong majority of US adults value additional security measures for mobile transactions, with 90% reporting they would want the ability to approve some or all mobile device transactions before the transaction is completed, and 71% interested in approving all such transactions.

mobile transactions security measures

One in five (19%) would prefer only to approve some transactions, such as those totaling $100 or more, according to the results of a recent survey conducted online by The Harris Poll and released by Entersekt.

“Consumers value the sense of control they gain from being involved in their own security,” said Dewald Nolte, chief commercial officer of Entersekt. “The key is to provide authentication that is quick and easy to execute and does not detract from the overall mobile experience.”

Asking US consumers about their authentication preferences is a tricky proposition, since few are familiar with the concept and fewer still have experience of the different forms it takes. Entersekt nevertheless wanted mobile device owners’ opinions on authentication, struck as it was by the lack of consumer data on the topic.

Nearly two in five Americans (39%) chose entering a personal password or PIN as their preferred form of authentication if approving a mobile-initiated transaction. Other methods with some support were:

  • Fingerprint ID (22%)
  • Clicking an “approve” button (21%)
  • A one-time password sent via text message or email (8%)
  • Facial ID (7%).

Digital security is clearly top of mind for many Americans, but the survey highlighted other areas where banks could afford their customers a higher sense of control through customer-centric design. Four out of five regular users (once a month or more often) of banking apps (80%) would like to be notified at the point of sale, before a transaction goes through, if the purchase they are about to make would negatively impact their credit score.

mobile transactions security measures

“Today’s consumers expect their banking and payments apps to provide ever-greater convenience,” said Gerhard Oosthuizen, chief technology officer at Entersekt. “Improved app security and authentication enables businesses not only to boost user confidence and adoption, but to introduce services previously considered too risky for the channel. The result is better engaged, more satisfied customers.”

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