What you can expect at the 10th annual HITB Security Conference in The Netherlands

The tenth edition of Hack In The Box Amsterdam will soon be upon us, with interesting talks, trainings, and hacking contests.

HITB Amsterdam happenings

Some of the trainings have already been sold out, but there’s still seats available if you want to master Burp Suite Pro, web attacks with full-stack exploitation, iOS 11/12 userspace exploitation, learn network data exfiltration techniques and red-teaming tactics (for pentesters and hackers who want to up their VAPT game).

Also, you have just two more days to take advantage of the “early bird” deal and get your conference tickets for 200€ less than the normal price.

What’s happening at HITB Amsterdam this year?

HITBSecConf2019 will take place from the 6th till the 10th of May 2019 at the Hilton DoubleTree (trainings) and Beurs van Berlage (conference) in Amsterdam. This year’s theme is “The Hacks of Future Past”.

Aside from the main conference agenda, the HITB Amsterdam also hosts HITB Haxpo, a once-in-5-year showcase of all things hacker, maker, builder and breaker. It is organized by the same folks who run the HITB Security Conference and is where the latest technology is showcased, the best hackers are gathered and where art of the hack is celebrated. It is free and open to the public.

It encompasses a number of hacker spaces, communities and villages where visitors can learn to solder and pick locks, hack jewelry, cars, IoT devices, discuss/work on post quantum crypto for PGP, solve hardware puzzles, learn about bio and medical hacking, and more.

HITB Haxpo includes:

  • The Haxpo Track: a series of fast paced, 30-min lightning talks on technology, security, and emerging innovations that is free for all attendees.
  • The BlackHoodie bootcamp (women only): Offers classes on malware reverse engineering and ARM exploitation, and a women only CTF competition.
  • Hack in The Class: classes for kids aimed at making technology and security awareness fun, relatable, and inspiring to the younger generation. There are classes for learning cyber hygiene, programming micro-controllers, etc.
  • The HITB Armory: a dedicated area for independent researchers to showcase their projects, run their demos, and allow visitors to play around with their awesome security tools.

More challenges for all visitors

  • An AI + self racing car challenge (teams will be challenged to build, train, and race a self-driving model car based on the 1/16th scale Donkey Car project)
  • A Smart Contract challenge
  • A Capture the Signal challenge-based CTF that focuses exclusively on the reverse engineering of radio signals
  • An IoT CTF challenge
  • A Jeopardy-style CTF contest for CTF teams who want to test their knowledge of archeologic trivia and their skill with ancient technologies.

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