Verint adds Anomaly Detection to its VoC solutions

Verint Systems, The Customer Engagement Company, announced the addition of Anomaly Detection as a powerful new capability to its expanding Voice of Customer (VoC) solutions.

Anomaly Detection is part of Verint’s analytics-rich solution that helps companies automate insights and prioritize improvements to customer experience (CX) that will drive the greatest business impact.

According to an August 2018 report from Forrester Research, AI technologies have the potential to make customer experience (CX) measurement programs more effective and efficient.

Powered by AI and machine learning algorithms, Verint’s new Anomaly Detection capability helps teams understand, in near real time, more about the key factors and causes contributing to a change in customer satisfaction, NPS, or other drivers.

Anomaly Detection acts as a ‘virtual CX analyst,’ enabling faster, smarter issue resolution and less risk of bias. Machine learning algorithms run in the background, and surface significant, sudden changes in CX scores and top possible causes by analyzing thousands of data combinations that would be impossible to do manually.

Key features include:

  • Constant monitoring of significant changes to NPS, CSAT or driver scores based on past and predicted performance
  • Rapid investigation of most likely causes behind sudden changes in CX
  • Real-time alerts via SMS or email to speed time to action and resolution

“Millions of customer interactions happen every day, creating more feedback and new ways to gain insights,” said Jaime Meritt, CTO and chief architect, Verint.

“Our advancements in automation and machine learning help companies run enterprise-strength VoC programs that capture and analyze feedback, monitor dips and surges to CX metrics in real time and connect that data to CX drivers and outcomes. Verint VoC gives companies what they need to automate and operationalize CX.”

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