Indegy unveils CIRRUS, offering ICS security as a cloud-delivered service

Indegy, a leading provider of security solutions for industrial control system (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments, announced the general availability of Indegy CIRRUS, the industry’s first Industrial CyberSecurity as a Service (ICSaaS) offering.

Indegy CIRRUS enables any size organization from global multi-site to single facility companies to comprehensively monitor and protect their OT networks using cloud-based technologies, and benefit from real-time threat intelligence sharing.

“Offering ICS security as a cloud-delivered service has the potential to improve the scalability and flexibility of deployments while extending security to smaller operators that lack the resources to manage complex installations,” said Patrick Daly, Analyst at 451 Research.

“In addition, the ability to instantly share threat intelligence from one customer site across all of Indegy’s customers should help to reduce the time needed to detect and respond to security incidents.”

Harnessing the cloud

To provide universal visibility, security and control, Indegy CIRRUS combines the following four interwoven applications that can be deployed in flexible hybrid cloud or pure cloud options to meet the requirements of any organization.

  • Indegy CIRRUS Live Feed – Threat intelligence infrastructure delivers real-time updates on high-risk threats, including vulnerabilities, signatures and other indicators of compromise.
  • Indegy CIRRUS Enterprise Manager – Enables centralized management and visibility for distributed, multi-site environments from the cloud anytime, anywhere.
  • Indegy CIRRUS ICS Cloud Collaboration– Collects and correlates anonymized data from Indegy deployments around the world for real-time sharing of threat intelligence and remediation recommendations.
  • Indegy CIRRUS Device Integrity – Patented active detection technology provides organizations with complete security coverage – now in pure cloud configuration made possible with a simple VPN setup and zero hardware.

“While the disintegration of the air-gap has opened up industrial control networks to external threats, we view this disruption as an opportunity to deliver better, simpler and more accessible security to any size organization,” said Mille Gandlesman, CTO of Indegy.

“Indegy CIRRUS takes advantage of the cloud to disseminate and collaboratively share intelligence in real-time to stay ahead of threats, enable global security management from anywhere, and deliver comprehensive protection capabilities as a service.”

Multiple cloud options

For optimal flexibility and to support future requirements, Indegy CIRRUS can be deployed in hybrid cloud or pure cloud configurations. The hybrid model combines on-premise Indegy devices with Indegy CIRRUS’ Live Feed, Enterprise Manager and Cloud Collaboration applications.

SMBs protecting their operations

The pure cloud option allows small to medium businesses to easily and affordably employ Indegy’s patented Device Integrity technology without the need for any hardware or software.

IT view of OT security

Finally, the Indegy user experience has been redesigned to present OT security through an IT lens that extends beyond just visibility, and provides intuitive workflows for policy and configuration management, threat hunting, remediation and response, as well as reporting capabilities.

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