Microsoft data security improved with Nucleus Cyber MIP integration

Nucleus Cyber, the intelligent data-centric security company for the modern workplace, at Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas announced its NC Protect solution now utilizes MIP labels to enhance conditional access and data security controls in Microsoft platforms to guard against insider threats, sensitive data misuse, unauthorized sharing and exfiltration.

Tom Hill, Managing Director at Slater Hill, a Microsoft Gold Partner for Portals and Collaboration, said, “We’re very excited about this new enhancement from Nucleus Cyber. We often have customers that need more granular security than what is available out of the box.

“The NC Protect integration gives customers the ability to leverage their MIP investment with a complementary solution that extends the security capabilities to meet more complex requirements.”

MIP enables the classification of documents and emails, regardless of where data is stored or whom it’s shared with. The integration allows joint Microsoft and NC Protect customers to leverage MIP labels to allow more fine-grained security to be applied to the files “at rest” or dynamically when users access the content.

As a result, customers benefit from unprecedented conditional access and file usage protection across all collaboration scenarios, while maintaining Office 365 features such as Search, eDiscovery and Office Online Apps. Other solutions only apply protection “at rest,” thereby breaking functionality.

Kurt Mueffelmann, CEO of Nucleus Cyber, said, “The NC Protect integration deepens Nucleus Cyber’s relationship with Microsoft and our joint commitment to secure collaboration.”

He continued, “NC Protect augments MIP labelling’s base features to give customers the best of both worlds – all the collaboration features that Microsoft provides but with the granular security, classification and protection that business policies demand.”

When MIP labels are utilized with NC Protect, the combined data protection capabilities enable more accurate detection and protection of critical data. The integration enables three core capabilities:

  • Data-centric security – With NC Protect and MIP, access is based on file and user attributes (including MIP labels) to enable access rights, and RMS protection is dynamically applied at the time of file access.
  • Augmented views – NC Protect’s Dynamic Access rules only show a user the files that the policy allows them to open; all other files are hidden regardless of SharePoint permissions.
  • Integrity of Office 365 functionality maintained – NC Protect security controls can be dynamically applied when users access files, maintaining Office 365 functionality such as Search, eDiscovery, Delve, Office Online Apps and other collaboration features.

NC Protect’s core content and context aware data protection controls dynamically adjust access and protection of file content within Microsoft solutions to ensure an organization’s sensitive data is being used, and shared, according to its unique regulations and policies.

The same NC Protect policies can be used to monitor all supported platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Teams, Yammer, Dropbox and file shares, to provide a single, centralized data security solution.

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