JASK joins the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

JASK, the provider of one of the industry’s first cloud-native SIEM platforms, announced it joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), a group of security technology providers who have integrated their solutions with a select set of Microsoft products to provide customers better protection, detection, and response.

In conjunction with its MISA membership, JASK announced full support for the Microsoft Graph Security API to ingest a robust set of data and information related to Microsoft and partners, into its advanced SIEM platform.

Support for the Microsoft Graph Security API broadens JASK’s integration with key Microsoft technologies. JASK ASOC integrates with Microsoft Azure Event Hubs to stream millions of events per second from Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Office 365 to the ASOC platform for processing, correlation and analysis.

JASK ASOC also includes an Azure Active Directory sensor to collect all user-related data for use within its SIEM and built-in UEBA capabilities.

These new capabilities are designed to enhance the signals that the ASOC platform intelligently clusters to create JASK InsightsTM, which automate the early stages and streamline the workflow of a cybersecurity investigation.

“Security teams that have been using traditional SIEM products want better visibility into the organization’s holistic environment,” said Rob Fry, CTO at JASK.

“These products have failed them, leading to adoption of other technologies such as UEBA, which only add disparate silos of visibility. Rather than take this band-aid approach, JASK is focused on combining user and application-related events of interest that provide context for alerts in our advanced SIEM. Our work with Microsoft is pivotal to delivering on our vision.”

Sarah Fender, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Corp. said, “The Microsoft Graph Security API was designed to simplify integration with services like JASK, making it easier for customers to connect the many security solutions they rely on to protect against today’s cyberthreats.

“We are pleased to welcome JASK into our ecosystem of partners utilizing the Graph Security API and other frameworks to integrate security alerts, unlock contextual information, and simplify security automation.”

The JASK ASOC platform is an AI and machine learning-based SIEM technology. The cloud-native platform is designed to streamline security analyst workflows by automating many of the repetitive tasks that restrict productivity, freeing them for higher-value roles like threat hunting and vulnerability management, while addressing the escalating talent shortage.

The ASOC platform is powered by JASK’s Adaptive Signal Clustering, an AI-based engine that uses a machine learning approach and mimics the SOC analyst. The engine normalizes all attack data, alerts and anomalies into Signals, clusters them together into JASK Insights and applies pattern matching for known threats and identifies threats they’ve never seen before.


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