Benu Networks launches new virtual broadband network gateway

Benu Networks, the leading software and solutions provider simplifying the industry’s most complex edge networks, announced the launch of its new virtual broadband network gateway (vBNG).

This new network function builds upon Benu Networks’ Software-Defined Edge (SD-Edge) Platform, which features a set of rich, virtualized functionalities that enable service providers to instantly cloudify their network, rapidly create and deliver new services, and easily scale network performance.

Modern consumer expectation and demand, particularly from the lens of a managed service provider, is constantly shifting. Buying behavior and criteria have drastically changed – gone are the days when triple play deals created great value to consumers and helped drive ARPU growth for service providers.

Nowadays, residential subscribers are moving to single play broadband access, which adds pressure for managed service providers to create customized, cutting-edge offerings that continue to impress consumers.

However, this level of agility has proved difficult to achieve for most MSPs, who still depend on hardware to manage subscriber sessions, authentication, and more. Plus, the need to reduce operational and capital expenses in the midst of margin erosion adds an additional layer of complexity for MSPs to manage.

“Our network has relied on Benu Networks’ software for 4 years, on dedicated appliances. We’re thrilled to see the addition of a vBNG to their platform,” said Khetan Gajjar, CTO of VAST Networks.

“One of the key challenges we face, particularly as Africa’s leading Wi-Fi provider of services, is our ability to be agile and dynamic with the services we offer and scaling these efficiently while retaining our standard of performance. We currently do this with the SD-Edge Platform to millions of users.

“Now, with the Benu vBNG, we won’t have to think too hard about the scaling required to tailor services to each customer and building out new offerings and scaling to tens and hundreds of millions of users. A vBNG also allows us to deliver network scale much closer to the edge and allows us to expand into markets much more cost-effectively.”

The vBNG, running on the Benu SD-Edge Platform, helps service providers achieve this vision by streamlining packet processing as well as separating the control plane and data plane for dynamic scaling, added agility, optimal network performance, and cost reduction.

The flexible, open architecture supports 3rd party service stitching on top of the breadth of functionality native to the vBNG. Service providers can now consolidate functions such as TDF/DPI, CGNAT, SG, and BNG, into a single virtualized platform for ultra-low latency and high performance.

With the Benu Networks vBNG, service providers can go beyond just providing a ‘dumb pipe’ broadband connection and instead rapidly provision value-added services that reduce churn and increase ARPU.

“Releasing our vBNG as a part of the Benu SD-Edge Platform furthers our mission to simplify edge applications, “ said Mads Lillelund, CEO of Benu Networks.

“We’re looking to drastically simplify network transformation and make it easy for service providers to be more agile and innovative without locking them into one vendor. With our vBNG, we’ve taken a massive step toward achieving this goal.”

The vBNG virtualizes integral network functionality, empowering service providers to seamlessly transition to a cloud-based 5G ready network. Benu Networks’ technology simplifies the complexity of network optimization, helping service providers rapidly scale their offerings, manage their network, and ensure the service experience.

By disaggregating legacy network structures and eliminating hardware dependencies, service providers are free to move towards a modern network, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

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