Product showcase: NetLib Security Encryptionizer

NetLib Security has spent the past 20+ years developing a powerful, patented solution that starts by setting up a defense for any organization wherever your data resides: physical, virtual and cloud. Our platform is geared to simplify the process for you while ensuring unprecedented levels of security are in place.

NetLib Security encryption solutions do not require specialized skill sets, programming changes, or administrative overhead; we simplify your data security needs with an affordable solution for companies and developers that need to protect stored data on their Windows platforms and devices, often for regulatory compliance, privacy or IP protection purposes.

NetLib Security Encryptionizer encrypts stored data right out of the box, with virtually no impact on performance, while saving time and money, and directly helping with compliance requirements.

While our solutions are ideally suited to the small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) with constrained IT departments who need to protect stored data on their Windows servers and connected devices, we also work with a wide array of large enterprises. From healthcare organizations, medical device manufacturers, financial services, government agencies, legacy applications, to developers, our data encryption solutions are designed to meet each unique business needs and who need to satisfy a pressing need quickly, and with confidence.

Encryptionizer comes in two major flavors: an easy point-and-click interface for administrators and a script based Developer/OEM interface for use by commercial and corporate developers as well as device manufacturers. Each can be deployed in a very short amount of time.

Key products and features

Encryptionizer for SQL Server

  • A cost-effective alternative to SQL’s built-in TDE that can be applied to all editions of SQL Server from Express to Enterprise
  • Automatic Transparent Whole Data Encryption (TDE)
  • Automatic Transparent Column Encryption
  • File/Folder Encryption
  • Easy point-and-click deployment
  • Centralized Key Management
  • Programming APIs are available for encrypting and decrypting databases and non database files or other digital content to workstations, laptops, or other servers

Encryptionizer Key Manager

  • Central storage of encryption keys
  • Control encryption of databases from a central management console
  • Easy key rollover
  • Permission-based access to keys
  • Key backups
  • Separation of roles – key admin separated from data admin
  • Simple point-and-click interface
  • Compatible with any Encryptionizer product

Encryptionizer for MySQL

  • Protect your MySQL databases and tables transparently and with virtually no impact on performance
  • Easy to use and deploy point-and-click interface, maintenance-free, and requires no user intervention
  • Developer friendly

Encryptionizer for Web Servers

Protect your Windows web server with transparent encryption of any or all ASP, HTML, documents, media, and image files including:

  • HTML
  • Documents: PDF, DOCX, DOC
  • Image files: JPG, PNG
  • Media files: WMV, MPG, AVI

Encryptionizer Platform for Desktops

  • Encryptionizer for Desktops will help protect the data of legacy, custom developed or off-the-shelf applications, without requiring any coding changes to the application
  • Easy to deploy on each desktop
  • Point and click and your application is protected
  • No interruption to the work flow
  • The user does not need to know any passwords or special tricks to keep all application data encrypted
  • If you have more than about 10 desktops to protect, we can assist you with packaging a roll-out module

Developer versions

  • Encryptionizer for Developers protects your intellectual property and sensitive client data in distributed applications transparently – no changes in application code required
  • Protect sensitive data entered into your application
  • Safeguard the business rules, algorithms, schema, and procedures – your intellectual property – incorporated into your application
  • Prevent data tinkering by curious users, network administrators, etc.
  • Protect your customer’s data
  • Protect your DLLs (including DotNet DLLs) from reverse engineering
  • Easy script-based deployment for OEM and wide distribution

Compliance requirements

NetLib Security’s data security platform simplifies the process and takes the guesswork out of meeting the ever-changing compliance paradigm. We provide the key components for the standard protection protocol necessary for businesses to meet encryption compliance requirements for PCI, GDPR, HIPAA Omnibus/HiTECH FIPS 140-2, as well as new privacy regulations that are being implemented globally. We also help application developers make their applications compliant while protecting their intellectual property and distributed applications.

Protecting the Internet of Everything

Encryptionizer uniquely suits the pressing need of protecting the internet of everything (IoT) and the internet of medical things (IoMT). In a few easy steps, device manufacturers and application developers can easily plug and play our platform to protect data stored on the device as well as their own Intellectual Property.

Legacy application protection

While it’s important to protect all sensitive data, the truth is that legacy applications represent a major security headache. New regulations and company policies mandating that all data must be encrypted pose a particular problem for legacy systems. Many were developed at a time when security was not taken into consideration, and it can be difficult to find the original source code or developer. It can also be cost prohibitive to migrate everything to a new system; the time and cost involved in system testing and the prospect of a massive end-user retraining program can prove overwhelming.

NetLib Security’s Encryptionizer Platform for Desktops and Servers can breathe new life into your critical legacy applications. Easy-to-use and deploy, it requires minimal configuration through our point-and- click utilities to encrypt the data of virtually any legacy application on the Windows Platform with no reprogramming.

A free 30-day evaluation is available for all of our products. To easily download and deploy it within minutes, simply click here.

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