New infosec products of the week: October 11, 2019

FireEye Digital Threat Monitoring: Visibility beyond your walls

FireEye Digital Threat Monitoring automatically collects and analyzes content on the dark and open web, alerting defenders whenever a potential threat is detected. By exposing threats early, organizations can more effectively identify breaches, exposures, and digital threats before they escalate – without adding operational complexity for the current security team.

infosec products October 2019

FileCloud launches Smart DLP, a real-time data leak prevention solution

FileCloud Smart DLP is an intelligent, rule-driven solution that enables enterprises to prevent data leaks in real time and secure enterprise content across on-premise and public cloud environments. It simplifies the organization of enterprise content, automatically making it easier to comply with data privacy regulations including HIPAA and GDPR.

infosec products October 2019

Aparavi File Protect & Insight delivers hybrid and multi-cloud file backup and retention

Aparavi File Protect & Insight (FPI) addresses the varying and fast-growing unstructured data loads organizations manage today, including backing up files from central storage devices and large numbers of endpoints, to any or multiple cloud destinations.

infosec products October 2019

Moogsoft AIOps 7.3: Enhanced correlation capabilities and machine learning visualization

The latest version of Moogsoft AIOps expands the platform’s integrated workflow automation capabilities with its Workflow Engine, as well as improves ease of use with user interface and navigation enhancements. The Visualize feature, now in beta, allows users to understand how alerts are correlated providing an “open-box” machine learning experience.

infosec products October 2019

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