Code42 cuts the time it takes to detect and respond to insider risk tied to departing employees

Code42, the leader in insider risk detection and response, announced it has advanced its data security solution with the first in a series of new capabilities designed to help companies defend against the rising tide of insider threats.

Focused on departing employees, these enhancements give security teams the ability to quickly detect and pinpoint high risk file activity before and after employees resign.

With Code42, security teams can see when employees move product roadmaps, customer lists and other sensitive files to thumb drives and personal email.

The advanced solution also offers unprecedented visibility to the destination of files leaked via web browsers, making it easy to track when company files are uploaded to personal cloud accounts. Armed with these insights, security teams can take action before employees walk out the door with trade secrets and the damage is done.

“Too many organizations are flying blind to data theft when employees quit and depart,” said Joe Payne, Code42 president and CEO.

“Our new insider risk detection capabilities are a game changer for security teams. They deliver signal, not noise, through a focused and prescriptive process so security teams can quickly find a needle in the haystack of potential insider threat events.

“These high-fidelity insights into data risk save already over-loaded security teams precious investigation time.”

Code42’s new insider risk detection capabilities:

  • Protect IP and mitigate data risk during the employee off-boarding process.
  • Surface a departing employee’s file exfiltration activities, using web browsers, email, removable media, personal and cloud sync accounts, and other app uploads.
  • Investigate and assess a departing employee’s historical file exfiltration activity in 1-, 7-, 30- and 90-day increments.
  • Offer the ability to view exfiltrated files to quickly determine the severity of the behavior and escalate the response.
  • Detect mass deletions on laptops or the cloud and provide the ability to recover impacted files.
  • Customize alerts about high-risk file movements from resignation to departure date.

As data has become more portable, companies have become more vulnerable to insider risk. According to the Code42 2019 Data Exposure Report, 63% of employees admit to bringing data from past employers to their new jobs. In fact, information security leaders admitted that half of their data breaches in the previous 18 months were driven by employees.

The breaches occurred despite the fact that 69% of the organizations had a data loss prevention solution in place.

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