Secure Code Warrior and Manicode Security to lead Learning Lab at RSA Conference 2020

The RSA Conference Learning Labs are designed to offer full conference pass attendees facilitated experiences to immerse attendees in interactive exercises and discussions.

Learning Lab RSA Conference 2020

Attendance to each of the nearly 20 labs being offered at this year’s conference is limited, ensuring that every participant has the opportunity to engage with the facilitator and truly learn the skill being taught.

Unlike a traditional track session being offered at the conference, Secure Code Warrior CEO Pieter Danhieux and Jim Manico, founder of Manicode Security will serve as Lab facilitators or “guides on the side,” leading participants through the content and exercises, while challenging them to apply what they are learning and engage with one another.

“We are very much looking forward to this competition style learning lab that will not only be incredibly fun but will also teach participants new skills and challenge them to work through real-life defensive simulations in secure coding,” said Danhieux. “Helping developers learn how to code securely, without introducing security issues in code will ultimately make them the first line of defense in their organization.”

Specifically, the Unleash Your Inner Security Champion Learning Lab will offer a hands-on, gamified training environment where participants can compete against each other with one being crowned the ultimate ‘Secure Code Warrior’.

Participants can first select from various software languages to compete in the tournament, including Java EE, Java Spring, C# MVC, C# WebForms, Ruby on Rails, Python Django, Node.Js and more.

The challenges will be based on the OWASP Top 10 Web App Vulnerabilities and participants will work on real-world code snippets, trying to locate, identify and fix vulnerabilities within each code snippet. Additionally, participants will earn points and watch as they strive to climb the leaderboard, with the highest-ranking player being crowned the ‘Secure Code Warrior.’


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