CipherCloud CASB+ for Slack: Visibility, protection and control of all user activity on Slack

CipherCloud, a leader in cloud security and governance, announced the availability of CASB+ for Slack, enabling secure collaboration and communication for the industry’s leading messaging application.

CASB+ for Slack provides 360o visibility, protection and control of all user activity on Slack as well as continuous risk assessment against external or internal threats. The result is end-to-end data protection and compliance for more than 10 million active Slack users today.

While Slack has emerged as one of the most popular SaaS applications for effective workplace collaboration, the risk of data loss and exposure has increased exponentially.

Employees can easily overshare or post proprietary and confidential data. For example, users can widely share sensitive documents by dropping any file, link, or data they have access to, into a channel where everyone can see this data.

According to Pravin Kothari, CipherCloud Founder and CEO, “As users adopt Slack and other SaaS-based tools, data and user control can become a nightmare for a company’s infosec team. CASB+ for Slack offers peace of mind through powerful data protection, deep visibility and adaptive controls, and centralized compliance.

“With CipherCloud, employees can safely use Slack to boost productivity and teamwork without compromising data security.”

Secure collaboration in Slack with CASB zero-trust cloud security

CipherCloud CASB+ for Slack offers:

  • Full visibility and security for users, devices, links and data usage in Slack and other messaging applications including files upload/download
  • Identification of sensitive data such as intellectual property, GDPR, CCPA, or any PII such as medical, social security or credit card information
  • Powerful user behavior analytics to detect bad behavior by users, devices or applications and immediately remediate, mitigate or isolate the threat
  • Digital rights management for data protection during downloads and offline shares
  • Enabling consistent policies for emails, files and messages, meeting global compliance and data residency requirements
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