Cyware’s 2.0 suite of cyber fusion products enables orgs to detect, analyze, and act on security threats

Cyware Labs, provider of advanced cyber fusion solutions, announced the release of version 2.0 of the company’s product suite. Available now, enhancements across the matrix of Cyware’s solutions include end-to-end threat intelligence automation, threat response and management capabilities, as well as an improved user interface (UI).

Cyware Labs

To keep up with the increasing volume of sophisticated threats, security teams must be able to move faster and with more accuracy while achieving greater visibility into their environment and threat landscape.

Additionally, the ability for corporate and security leadership to visualize, track and manage security activities, understand the organization’s security posture, and the potential risk landscape is critical.

With Cyware, organizations can leverage the best of both the human element and machine-enabled automation to streamline communication and collaboration between all security teams including threat intel, hunting, vulnerability assessment, and SecOps.

Cyware’s product suite supports organizations in establishing cyber fusion centers that unite siloed teams through solutions for cyber situational awareness (CSAP), threat intelligence sharing and analysis (CTIX), and threat response and learnings (CFTR). It is the only product suite in the market today that delivers all of these capabilities from a single provider.

“We supercharge solutions that are traditionally offered by threat intelligence platforms (TIP), incident response platforms (IR) and security automation, orchestration and response (SOAR) platforms,” said CTO and co-founder, Akshat Jain.

“Through Cyware’s advanced automation and human-to-machine orchestration, organizations can quickly identify attackers, understand their motivations, methods and characteristics, and minimize the overall mean-time-to-detect-and-respond.”

Version 2.0 includes enhanced threat visualization, indicator timeline views, custom shareable dashboards, and an improved connect-the-dots feature for advanced threat indicator mapping. These features give security teams added visibility into their own environment, and the current threat landscape.

Cyware combines intelligence-driven automation and orchestration with human analysis and workflows to enable security professionals to get more done and make smarter decisions. Additionally, security teams can foster collaboration and information sharing over Cyware’s mobile app.

Cyware removes tedious, manual workflows and replaces them with rule engines and automated playbooks to identify, validate, and act on indicators of malicious behavior.

Enhanced visualization and alignment with the threat intel lifecycle and the ability to bring together disparate security teams and processes and foster intelligence-driven operations assures that organizations are able to make smarter and faster decisions against increasingly sophisticated threats.

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