10 hot industry newcomers to watch at RSA Conference 2020

The RSA Conference 2020 Early Stage Expo is an innovation space dedicated to promoting emerging talent in the industry. Here are some of the most exciting companies exhibiting innovative products and solutions, which you can see in person in the San Francisco Ballroom, Moscone South, Level 2.

Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security stops targeted email attacks. Abnormal Behavior Technology models the identity of both employees and external senders, profiles relationships and analyzes email content to stop attacks that lead to account takeover, financial damage and organizational mistrust. Abnormal sets up in minutes with Office 365 and G Suite, has no end-user friction, and does not disrupt email flow.

Early Stage Expo RSA Conference 2020

We talked with Evan Reiser, CEO of Abnormal Security, about how layering diverse defenses is crucial for stopping email attacks.


The Armorblox platform uses natural language understanding and deep learning to analyze content, context, and metadata on all business communications. Armorblox protects against targeted email attacks, prevents accidental or malicious data disclosure, and stops insider threats.

Early Stage Expo RSA Conference 2020

We interviewed Armorblox CEO Dhananjay Sampath about thwarting email-based social engineering attacks.


BluBracket is the first comprehensive security solution for code in the enterprise—so developers can innovate and collaborate, and security teams can sleep at night. Using BluBracket, companies can view, monitor and secure their code, without altering developer workflow.

Early Stage Expo RSA Conference 2020


Fuzzbuzz is a fuzzing platform and set of tools that enables dev & sec teams to effortlessly find severe bugs and vulnerabilities by integrating fuzzing into the SDLC. Fuzzbuzz saves developer time by eliminating false positives, ensuring bugs are never reintroduced, and automatically generating fuzz harnesses.

Early Stage Expo RSA Conference 2020

K2 Cyber Security

K2’s Next Generation Application Workload Protection Platform protects web and binary applications from attacks. K2’s deterministic approach eliminates false positives and provides runtime protection against OWASP top 10 attacks.

Using proprietary OCFI technology to create a DNA map of each application, K2 provides exact location of vulnerability saving significant time and effort.

Early Stage Expo RSA Conference 2020


Kindite assembled a unique set of confidential computing technologies into a single data-protection platform, which ensures data is encrypted end-to-end, even while being processed. Kindite’s platform keeps the encryption keys within the organization’s trusted environment, creating a true zero-trust relationship with any infrastructure while maintaining full business continuity.

Early Stage Expo RSA Conference 2020

For more depth, read the following articles Kindite contributed to Help Net Security:


LevelOps is an application security platform that helps security teams manage the security lifecycle, across multiple products and from requirements to operations. LevelOps integrates with existing tools in your SDLC and provides a way for security teams to scale, without compromising engineering velocity.

Early Stage Expo RSA Conference 2020


Shujinko brings cloud compliance know-how together with automation to make compliance and audits fast and easy. Shujinko helps confidently prepare for an audit by automating most of the technical controls that are error-prone to set up in a compliant way, as well as the evidence collection and documentation that takes thousands of hours to complete.

Early Stage Expo RSA Conference 2020


The vFeed correlation algorithm analyzes a large plethora of scattered vendors advisories and third party sources, then standardizes the content with the respect to industry security open standards.

Early Stage Expo RSA Conference 2020

Vulcan Cyber

Vulcan Cyber is a vulnerability remediation and orchestration platform that is modernizing the way enterprises reduce cyber risk. With its remediation-driven approach, Vulcan automates and orchestrates the vulnerability remediation lifecycle, enabling security, operational and business teams to effectively remediate cyber risks at scale.

Early Stage Expo RSA Conference 2020

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