Menlo Security announces DLP solution powered by an Isolation Core

Menlo Security, a leader in cloud security, announced the world’s first Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution powered by an Isolation Core. The solution is available as part of the Global Cloud Proxy Platform built on the company’s patented Isolation Core.

As companies embrace digital transformation and adopt SaaS services, isolation-based DLP is more critical than ever to keep information safe and maintain regulatory compliance by providing complete data visibility and control.

“Current DLP solutions have critical shortcomings, and we decided that we could not accept the status quo,” said Poornima DeBolle, co-founder and chief product officer at Menlo Security.

“As websites use dynamic, targeted content, a DLP solution that relies on network/proxy traffic will have severely degraded data visibility. Unwilling to settle for trade-offs, we created the DLP solution that leverages our Isolation Core to provide perfect visibility to the DLP engine—something that cannot be achieved by DLP solutions without isolation.”

The adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) is changing the way people work, and enterprises are having to rethink the way their data is secured. Company data is more vulnerable than ever to leaks or theft as people work and communicate using an ever-increasing number of apps, devices, and platform.

Bad actors are able to bypass traditional DLP products with data obfuscation techniques, exposing companies to data breach and compliance risks. Menlo Security Cloud DLP powered by an Isolation Core redefines how data is monitored to provide the most complete protection.

The Global Cloud Proxy allows fast, secure web access to applications and enables IT departments to scale security services for large organizations while reducing operational costs.

With isolation at the core of all security features, users can function in a native browser, with no compromise to security or user experience. A key feature allows administrators to define

policies from a single interface and apply them to all users globally, whether they are connecting from the office or remotely. Customers are now able to secure digital transformation, eliminate 100 percent of malware, and accelerate cloud applications.

“Building a DLP solution that leverages isolation is unique and helps Menlo Security stand out among other DLP solutions,” said Eric Hanselman, analyst at 451 Research. “Menlo Security is approaching the security problem in an entirely new way that solves issues that would be difficult for other DLP vendors to address without isolation.”

Cloud DLP is available to new and existing customers and will be shown at RSA Conference 2020.

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