Blue Cedar and Microsoft enable Intune users to connect from managed mobile apps to data sources

Blue Cedar, the company automating the complex workflows between mobile app development and deployment to end users, announced that it is joining the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.

The Association is a group of technology providers who have integrated their security solutions with Microsoft products to provide customers better protection, detection, and response.

Through MISA, Blue Cedar is integrating with Microsoft Endpoint Manager to offer a secure way for enterprises to automate and scale security integrations within Microsoft Intune, now part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. It enables Intune users to connect from managed mobile apps to data sources of their choice via a micro VPN.

The growth in demand for, and usage of enterprise mobile applications is undeniable, with the enterprise mobile application development market expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.65% by 2025.

However, enterprises continue to struggle with secure access from the managed mobile apps to their sensitive data, stored on premises or in their private clouds, that increasingly power critical business outcomes and cost-effectively driving end-user adoption of mobile apps.

For joint customers, Blue Cedar and Microsoft can offer Intune users a secure VPN microtunnel from Intune-managed mobile applications to a company’s backend application infrastructure, located in a private cloud or on premises.

Blue Cedar makes integrating Microsoft security controls into enterprise mobile applications as simple as clicking a button. Enterprise teams can reduce the time needed to integrate Intune protection and security controls into mobile applications by an average of five weeks – not only for the original release of the app, but for every version update over the life of the app.

This safeguards mobile applications and data, which are increasingly more important as enterprises continue to adopt BYOD (bring your own device) and CYOD (choose your own device) strategies, and mobile breaches continue to compromise sensitive organizational data.

Blue Cedar’s platform also makes it easy to orchestrate the post-development tasks that are needed before apps can be deployed to end users.

“By removing the friction associated with scaling Intune’s management to all target mobile apps and automating the workflow tasks between mobile app development and deployment, Blue Cedar is partnering with Microsoft to further unlock the inherent value of all corporate data that powers mobile apps,” said John Aisien, CEO of Blue Cedar.

“Microsoft is a brand known for its leadership in innovation, and we’re thrilled to partner with them to deliver the capabilities necessary to drive adoption of Intune-managed mobile apps across the enterprise.”

“By partnering with Blue Cedar we are taking another step towards offering our customers more choices to make optimal use of all their data, regardless of where this data resides,” said Peter Orenberg, Principal Program Management Lead at Microsoft.

“Blue Cedar’s technology not only expedites the security integration time but gives our customers the freedom to securely connect to network-protected data from their Intune-managed mobile apps.”

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