Most find data security challenging with respect to UCaaS/CCaaS deployments

Security and network services are the top challenges for enterprises deploying or considering UCaaS and CCaaS technologies, and decision makers prefer bundled solutions that add security features, a software-defined network, and 24/7 performance monitoring, according to Masergy.

UCaaS CCaaS deployments

The study analyzed responses from IT decision makers at global enterprises that are evaluating, planning to implement or have implemented UCaaS or CCaaS.

Findings revealed that data security and network performance are the top two areas that IT focuses on to ensure their UCaaS and CCaaS solutions are successfully delivering on business goals.

Moreover, integrated solutions from a single provider take precedence, because respondents say they result in easier implementation and management with better visibility and fewer integration issues.

90+% prefer a bundled SD-network and want 24/7 monitoring

  • Most (93 percent) say it’s highly important that their UCaaS/CCaaS solutions come bundled with network services in a single, seamless approach.
  • When considering network service to support UCaaS/CCaaS, 90 percent of respondents rate a fully managed service with 24/7 monitoring and a software-defined network (SD-WAN) as highly important criteria.

70% say security is a challenge for UCaaS CCaaS deployments

  • Seven in ten (70 percent) find data security challenging with respect to UCaaS and CCaaS deployments.
  • In fact, 93 percent find it highly important (46 percent “critical”) that security features and services are bundled with their UCaaS/CCaaS solutions.

Flexibility drives investment and buyers prioritize simplicity

  • Increased IT flexibility is the top driver (40 percent) of a UCaaS or CCaaS investment.
  • More than half of respondents (51 percent) prefer an integrated UCaaS/CCaaS solution — one that includes network services from a single provider.

“The maturity of UCaaS and CCaaS has today’s decision makers less worried about technology features and more concerned about secure application performance across the network and the cloud,” said Terry Traina, chief digital officer, Masergy.

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