Product showcase: Cloudbric Remote Access

Secure remote working is no longer just a buzzword within the cybersecurity realm – it’s become an integral part of the everyday language for all businesses in the COVID-19 era.

Suddenly having a sizable number of employees working remotely presents a new challenge for those companies whose systems are not originally designed for remote access.

And for many businesses and organizations, the rapid transition of the global workforce working from home means setting up their employees with the same capabilities provided by their physical office environment.

Traditional VPN challenges

To set up a secure work environment at home for remote employees, companies typically instruct their employees to use the company’s VPN.

A business VPN is built to fulfill the security and privacy needs of organizations. More specifically, a business VPN creates a secure virtual tunnel among the company’s resources, systems, and the employees who will be accessing them.

This is very much different for everyday consumers who may utilize a VPN to bypass region blocks or protect their privacy online. Despite all VPNs having end-to-end encryption capabilities to prevent unwanted access to the company’s traffic, there are still security issues companies must watch out for.

Vulnerabilities exist in VPNs. Because VPNs are exposed to the internet, they can become compromised. Unauthorized connections to a VPN, for example, can give hackers privileges to run exploits.

This is not to discredit VPNs as essential security tools. However, companies worried about unauthenticated access should be aware of the potential vulnerabilities that come with some VPNs.

Authentication first

Certain VPN vulnerabilities can potentially allow attackers to retrieve sensitive corporate data, including login credentials to access the VPN itself. In addition, VPNs are not able to track unusual user access or monitor malicious traffic within the network.

Cloudbric has introduced an alternative to traditional VPNs, that monitors and blocks unusual and malicious access.

The company utilized its award-winning cybersecurity technology to develop a remote access solution that provides a cloud-based, secure channel for remote access while blocking out hack attempts, malware, malicious bots, intrusions originating from black IPs, and even DDoS attacks.

Cloudbric Remote Access

This 3-Layer Security, namely Hack Prevention, User Authentication, and Traffic Monitoring act together to provide additional layers of security that other traditional VPNs do not have. Security features such as two-factor authentication and 24/7 monitoring leave corporate web servers and private networks free of vulnerabilities hackers may exploit.

This is an extremely important distinction from traditional VPNs which do not check whether the traffic is malicious or not. The traffic (i.e. data) being sent back and forth may be encrypted via a VPN, but that does not mean the sender of the data has good intentions.

Better traffic monitoring

Cloudbric Remote Access is backed by a triple layer protection that lies between the user and the remote private network. Cloudbric, thus, makes sure that all inbound and outbound traffic is monitored by an AI-powered logic engine to block off bad actors including hackers and malicious bots.

Additionally, the solution requires no additional installation of software or hardware on either the client-side or the server-side, unlike other traditional VPNs. Cloudbric Remote Access is easy to implement for businesses who want to make sure only authorized personnel has access to certain company resources.

Other key features include:

  • Secure access to work environment, from anywhere
  • 3-Layer Security for increased protection
  • Quick and easy set-up with zero downloads and zero installations
  • A secure proxy connection with end-to-end encryption
  • FREE for a limited time

With these features combined, Cloudbric can grant secure access to employees connecting to their company’s private network. Register your spot here.

Future of secure remote working

Despite the workforce slowly returning to their physical offices, we must prepare for the long-haul.

During the hasty move toward remote working environments, companies may have enabled and configured their systems for the remote working environment – but perhaps without applying the normal considerations for security.

Reverting back to the status quo may be the easier option but with today’s cybersecurity threat landscape, companies should diligently be working to practice proper security protocols regardless of a pandemic.

Furthermore, companies not already using a VPN may want to embrace the trends that we are seeing for a secure remote working environment such as technology integrations like VPNs and remote access solutions and ingraining it into everyday practices.

Cloudbric’s goal during these stressful times is to fill the security void and help provide a business continuity plan by providing a cloud-based, remote access solution – for free.

More about Cloudbric

Cloudbric provides a cybersecurity solution called SWAP, a cloud-based web application protection tool based on artificial intelligence. SWAP provides industry-leading precision on malicious traffic detection, courtesy of their proprietary logic analysis engine. The company also combines SWAP, DDoS protection and SSL-as-a-service to provide a complete web protection suite.

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