Menlo Security partners with Microsoft to provide defenses to customers faster

Menlo Security announced that the company is partnering with Microsoft to obtain advance vulnerability information through the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP).

MAPP is a program that provides early access to vulnerability information to security software providers so they can provide protections to their customers faster.

While the Menlo Security Cloud Global Proxy Platform already protects customers against browser zero days and malicious email attachments, this partnership with Microsoft enhances our ability to provide our customers with information about newly discovered threats without requiring them to download and upgrade software.

“Menlo Security is pleased to partner with Microsoft to incorporate protections against newly discovered vulnerabilities before they are publicly disclosed,” said Kowsik Guruswamy, chief technology officer at Menlo Security.

“This partnership with Microsoft will strengthen our ability to provide our customers with one of the most comprehensive security services available in the industry.”

“Protecting customers from harm requires engineering excellence as well as robust partnerships with defenders across the industry”, said Eric Doerr, General Manager of Microsoft Security Response Center. “By sharing actionable security information with trusted partners like Menlo security we ensure customers have effortless access to secure solutions.”

The Menlo Security Global Cloud Proxy Platform is built on an Isolation Core™, which separates the enterprise network from the public web while providing users with secure, low-latency connections to the Internet and SaaS applications.

Updates that incorporate threat intelligence from sources such as MAPP are available to customers automatically, with no downloads or installation of software required. The platform is built in the cloud for the cloud and is architected to help companies embrace a cloud-first architecture.

Unlike security products that deliver “almost safe” security, we believe the Menlo Security Isolation Core stops malware 100 percent of the time, a feat that was previously thought to be unachievable.

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