IDology integrates its ExpectID solution with the Microsoft Azure Active Directory External Identities

IDology, a GBG company, announced a partnership with Microsoft to integrate its innovative ExpectID identity verification and anti-fraud solution with the Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) External Identities.

ExpectID is now available to Azure Active Directory customers for easy, plug-and-play access to multi-layered global identity verification as a service that elevates trust, facilitates onboarding, increases business identity assurance and shuts down fraud.

Sue Bohn, Partner Director of Program Experience, Microsoft Identity Division, at Microsoft Corp. said, “We’re pleased to enable our customers to utilize IDology’s ExpectID solutions with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

“Our B2B and B2C customers can obtain the power of a multi-layered solution that rapidly detects fraud and provides identity verification, while not compromising on end-user experience.”

The ability to quickly verify identities and deliver a secure and seamless experience has become both a critical business initiative and a competitive differentiator. Additionally, customers today expect frictionless onboarding experiences and, if presented with lengthy vetting and identity checking processes, may turn to a competitor instead.

According to IDology’s Second Annual Consumer Digital Identity Study, 83 million Americans abandoned account signup due to friction.

“In today’s threat-heavy environment, detecting and preventing fraud require more than basic identity matching,” said Christina Luttrell, COO of IDology.

“ExpectID accesses thousands of data sources and analyzes multiple layers of identity attributes that seamlessly work together to instantly verify identities and detect fraud so that Azure AD External Identities customers can quickly greenlight legitimate individuals with confidence or dynamically escalate to other methods if needed.”

The depth of data ExpectID analyzes and the control it provides businesses help prevent revenue loss and deliver an experience that safeguards trust and builds loyalty. With ExpectID, customers can quickly verify external identities such as third-party contractors, guests, customers and other companies.

In just a few simple steps, Microsoft customers can deploy IDology’s market-leading identity verification into Azure Active Directory for seamless identity verification and identity management across all of their external identities.

At the same time, ExpectID gives Azure Active Directory customers fast, seamless identity verification to meet the demands of today’s consumers who want to be protected but also expect convenience.

With ExpectID, it’s easy to introduce the right amount of friction at the right time, deploy dynamic escalation methods only when needed and fulfill the need for identity verification without driving away customers.

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