New infosec products of the week: August 7, 2020

Radiflow launches CIARA, a ROI-driven risk assessment and management platform for industrial organizations

CIARA is a fully automated tool for assets data collection, data-driven analysis and transparent risk metrics calculation including risk scoring per zone and business process based on business impact. The new platform is a response to the growing digitization of the production floor that has led to rising tide of cyber threats.

infosec products August 2020

Fortinet unveiled the FortiGate 4400F, a firewall capable of securing 5G networks

The FortiGate 4400F is a hyperscale firewall, setting new milestones for Security Compute Ratings to deliver performance, scalability and security in a single appliance. It’s powered by Fortinet’s latest seventh generation network processor (NP7) to offer hardware-acceleration, making it the only network firewall that is fast enough to secure hyperscale data centers and 5G networks.

infosec products August 2020

DNSDB 2.0 transforms threat feeds into relevant threat intel in real time

Farsight Security introduced DNSDB 2.0, which enables security professionals to identify and map domain names and IP addresses associated with bad actors or used in malicious infrastructures, brand infringement campaigns, phishing schemes, ransomware and other cybercrime.

infosec products August 2020

BluBracket updates Code Security Suite, adds stolen and leaked code detection

BluBracket introduced significant new functionality to its Code Security Suite, allowing companies for the first time to find stolen and copied source code in public repositories. BluBracket scans both public and private repos. It uses the list of contributors to a company’s repos to identify the public repos to which they have added code. This means that if your code has made its way to open source projects, or to a developer or contractor’s non-company accounts, you can find and remediate the issue.

infosec products August 2020

Modshield SB application firewall now available in the AWS Marketplace

StrongBox IT released its flagship application firewall – Modshield SB, now available in the AWS Marketplace on a cloud subscription model and a BYOL model. Modshield SB is designed to provide protection against all major attack vectors. It supports multiple domains and applications using a single instance with no additional license costs.

infosec products August 2020

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