NinjaRMM unveils Ninja Data Protection, a backup solution for MSPs and IT professionals

NinjaRMM announced the launch of Ninja Data Protection, the company’s latest product offering for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT professionals. Ninja Data Protection provides both file & folder and image backup solutions fully integrated with NinjaRMM’s flagship platform.

Ninja Data Protection

With no additional software to download, NinjaRMM customers in North America can begin leveraging the solution immediately, with rollout expected to reach customers in Australia and the EU on August 31. Image backup is currently in private beta in North America, and will expand to the EU and Australia at the end of the month.

“Starting today, our customers can begin backing up data on any workstation that has a NinjaRMM agent installed,” said NinjaRMM CEO Sal Sferlazza.

“Not only does that help extend and simplify backup coverage to remote and on-site workforces alike, the native integration with our RMM platform also means that managing those backups essentially requires zero additional management burden. It is a truly seamless, single-pane-of-glass experience, and it is fully in-line with our mission to remove complexity from IT management and make our customers’ jobs easier.”

“Having Ninja Data Protection being built from the ground up and fully integrated into the NinjaRMM platform is a huge benefit,” said Jesse Vella, Staff Supervisor, In-Shore Technologies.

“Ninja Data Protection gives us advanced backup reporting, customizable alerts, and the confidence our backup system is running when and how it should. Our technicians now have an intuitive backup solution that allows them to focus more on supporting our clients and less on unreliable and disjointed backup systems.”

Set and forget backup solution

Ninja Data Protection promises to give NinjaRMM customers more immediate visibility into backup activity, history, and storage usage across their client bases, in addition to more reliable, granular, and streamlined control.

It can be deployed instantly at the push of a button with almost no configuration, but thanks to a variety of customizable scheduling options, file type and location filters, and adjustable user permissions, network throttling, and revision management controls, users can also create unique backup plans adapted for specific devices or device groups and capable of addressing a host of data protection needs.

Backing up and restoring files and folders with Ninja Data Protection has been designed to be effortless. Management is easily automated and readily incorporated into workflows that NinjaRMM customers are already using to remotely manage devices.

Smart scheduling, incremental block-level backup technology, file compression, and bandwidth throttling options ensure that backups and recoveries are fast and reliable without interrupting end users or slowing them down.

With a few clicks, users can restore files to any machine with a NinjaRMM agent, or choose to download the file and restore it manually to another device.

Ninja Data Protection’s image backups provide robust restore options, including creating boot media software, conducting offline and cloud-based restores, and injecting custom drivers for resilience during difficult heterogenous server restores.

Ninja Data Protection is fully supported by NinjaRMM’s top-rated customer support team, and comes equipped with NinjaRMM”s robust reporting features. Presentation-ready reports provide in-depth explorations of storage usage, licensing information, backup usage, and backup activity at the organization and device level.

“From planning to deployment, we found Ninja Data Protection to be easier and more intuitive than our previous solution,” said Alan Parkin, VP of Technology and Services at DSN Group.

“It is a ‘set and forget’ solution — with just a few clicks we can rely on Ninja Data Protection to protect our clients’ critical business data without spending hours per day babysitting the solution.”

Embedding modern security standards

Building on NinjaRMM’s robust platform-level security, user monitoring, activity logging, and enforced mandatory MFA across the solution, Ninja Data Protection adheres to and exceeds some of the most stringent security and data protection compliance regulations globally.

All data is encrypted in-motion and at-rest via secure AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption. Customers will have numerous options to store backup data in regional servers located in the US, Canada, throughout the EU and Australia, acknowledging localized data sovereignty requirements in different locations.

In addition, Ninja Data Protection provides a buffered delete capability to prevent users and remote endpoints from conducting hard deletes of critical business data. With this safeguard in place, Ninja Data Protection provides an effective shield against ransomware and malicious tampering common to many of today’s targeted attacks.

Continued focus on product-led growth

Over the last year, NinjaRMM has invested significantly in its products and workforce, growing its engineering department by more than 60 percent and instituting a new rapid release cadence. In July, the company rolled out a new reseller partner program that, like Ninja Data Protection, figures heavily in the company’s strategy for future growth.

“This is an important moment in NinjaRMM’s journey,” said Sferlazza. “With the launch of Ninja Data Protection, we are reaffirming our belief that a product-first mentality and relentless pursuit towards innovation is the cornerstone of the company’s growth. We believe we are bringing one of the most reliable and easy-to-use backup solutions to the market.”

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