Siemens selects Cohesity for global data management

Cohesity has been selected to provide Siemens with a modern backup and data management solution to protect 300+ Windows servers in 39 countries, as well as long-term archiving in Switzerland.

Siemens is active around the globe, focusing on the areas of intelligent infrastructure for buildings and distributed energy systems, as well as automation and digitalization in the process and manufacturing industries.

This wholly new project will see Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, deliver Cohesity’s solutions to enable a comprehensive data management system to handle Siemens’ backup and recovery, data storage, and long-term archival requirements, which involve storage of some data for 12 years.

“Cohesity’s future-proofed approach to data management convinced us from the outset,” explains Frederik Janssen, head of Siemens IT Strategy & Governance.

“Their solution was a perfect fit to the needs we had, especially in areas of backup and restore. Soon we will have a flexible, highly scalable and modern solution for data backup and restore that works with all our key hardware and software solutions.

“We benefit from a centralized, easy-to-use control system that includes branch offices, so we don’t necessarily need to send IT experts on site everywhere.”

Cohesity can be managed centrally through an easy-to-use “single pane of glass” user interface (UI). The solution will provide optimal data backup capabilities across the worldwide Siemens network, even at branches with low bandwidth, due to Cohesity’s in-built data compression and de-duplication technologies.

Cohesity significantly simplifies this process and can back up data that previously could not be backed up efficiently due to the legacy product and extensive infrastructure systems formerly used by the global technology powerhouse.

“Siemens has an expansive set of sites that required modern backup with new needs emerging across the business,” says Dirk Marichal, vice president, Sales EMEA, Cohesity.

“We are proud to work with Siemens and Atos to bring a cloud-like experience to their users via an on-premises solution, that can be extended at any time to integrate with any hyper-scaler of their choosing.”

“We were invited to discuss backup requirements, and then during the Proof of Concept, more needs were understood. We were able to identify additional benefits for the project like better bandwidth utilization, ease of integration and strong impact on data efficiency. I’m certain there will be a long-lasting relationship here as we grow and deliver more scale, ROI, and business insights,” said Marichal.

“We were impressed with the performance of Cohesity’s technology solution for Siemens,” says Dr. Jörg Bauer, Chief Operation Officer of Global Siemens Account at Atos.

“Together with Siemens and Cohesity, we are developing more and more use cases for utilizing this comprehensive data management platform, across different business units and scenarios. With Cohesity, we now have a solution provider that meets all of Siemens’ requirements now, and in the near future.”

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