EclecticIQ launches online training component for its CTI Fundamentals course

EclecticIQ has launched an online training component for its popular CTI Fundamentals course. The new offering provides a convenient way for EclecticIQ customers to boost their security teams’ CTI knowledge and skills from remote locations while maintaining the same level of interactivity and quality of instruction as the on-site training traditionally offered by EclecticIQ Academy.

The online CTI Fundamentals course (formerly known as CTI 101) allows EclecticIQ customers to address their cyber skills shortage and upskill their teams regardless of company size, location and employee skill level.

To support the five-day course, EclecticIQ has launched a new Learning Management System (LMS) that hosts the digitized course materials, allowing easy access for CTI teams undergoing the training.

Like the on-site CTI Fundamentals course, the online option covers foundational CTI principles and frameworks (e.g. Diamond model, MITRE ATT&CK), and teaches students how to apply these in real-world investigations using the EclecticIQ threat intelligence platform (TIP).

The course is taught by experienced trainers and incorporates best practices from Fusion Center, our in-house team of CTI analysts who use EclecticIQ Platform daily. This approach means students apply their learning immediately and shortens the time-to-value for an organization’s CTI investment.

Cody Barrow, product manager responsible for Fusion Center and threat research at EclecticIQ, said: “We first build a comprehensive CTI course for our customers to harness the benefits of EclecticIQ’s intelligence-led security approach. Reception was so positive that we knew we had to adapt the course and accommodate for evolving training delivery preferences.

“With this launch, we applied the depth of expertise of our Fusion Center analysts and partners to perfect the course as CTI Fundamentals and added an online delivery option without compromising the learning experience. I’m proud to announce these new options to help upskill teams directly into a stronger defense posture.”

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