Mandiant and Microsoft deliver better security outcomes for customers

Mandiant announced new cybersecurity services to support Microsoft technologies. The new services bring together Mandiant expertise and intelligence with Microsoft security products to provide an unprecedented level of security capabilities for customers.

“Every day on the front lines, we see our adversaries growing more advanced and accelerating the pace of attacks,” said Kevin Mandia, Chief Executive Officer at FireEye.

“By coming together with Microsoft, we will help customers fundamentally improve their security programs with insights from Mandiant experts who are experienced in defending against the most sophisticated adversaries in the world.”

Mandiant will initially focus on delivering joint incident response engagements that span across Microsoft and third party technology. Later in the year, Mandiant Managed Defense will introduce support for Microsoft 365 Defender, providing managed detection and response services to its customers.

“Combining Microsoft security technology with Mandiant intelligence and expertise helps give our customers an increased ability to prevent, detect and respond to the ever-evolving and complex threat landscape,” said Ann Johnson, CVP Security, Compliance, and Identity Business Development, Microsoft.

In the coming quarters, Mandiant Managed Defense will include support for additional Microsoft Security solutions to ensure holistic protection for customers.

“As a longtime CISO and customer of both Microsoft and Mandiant, I am deeply familiar with both companies and their individual capabilities,” said Brad Maiorino, FireEye Chief Strategy Officer. “For customers, this brings together the best people and technology to advance their security programs.”

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