Most businesses are rethinking how they work

In the wake of COVID-19, nearly 72 percent of U.S. based businesses have been rethinking how they work, 58 percent of businesses feel remote working is enabling them to hire a more distributed workforce, and 8 out of 10 businesses are already retooling to provide improved customer and employee experiences that enable new ways of working, Avaya reveals.

rethinking work

According to the survey, 3 out of 4 businesses say they have focused more on employee and team communication since COVID-19:

  • 66 percent of mid-sized companies, those with 251-500 employees, have seen collaboration and communications technology increase in priority due to COVID-19
  • 57 percent of businesses reported some struggle with remote communication and fatigue
  • 32 percent reported employees having difficulties adapting to the new technology and communications tools available to them

“Work from Anywhere is creating new business models the world is adapting to, and it has become clear that trying to adopt a ‘business as usual, but remote’ approach is not enough,” said Simon Harrison, SVP and CMO, Avaya.

“COVID has accelerated digital transformation projects and put a new focus on customer and employee experiences, which have never mattered more. Additionally, new processes and new solutions need to completely change the way teams work together. Change has become a constant and embracing the cloud and the new experience economy, an opportunity.”

Technology decision makers are rethinking business at every level

  • 72 percent of businesses have been revisiting their overall business model due to the changes brought on by COVID-19
  • An even larger number, 80 percent, are rethinking their customer experience
  • 77 percent are examining their employee experience
  • 75 percent are rethinking their sales approach

Businesses focused on investing in communication and collaboration

83 percent of businesses responded that they thought their technology stack was prepared for remote working – however, many businesses did have to implement new technologies to improve their work-from-anywhere capabilities, including 65 percent adding video conference tools, 54 percent adding chat/messaging software and 53 percent adding project collaboration tools.

85 percent of businesses reported they plan on making the new technologies they have adopted during this time a permanent addition to their tech stacks.

Tech priorities are shifting

71 percent of tech decision makers reported faster adoption of new technologies in their organization due to COVID-19. Most companies also had a shift in technology priorities with 52 percent increasing investment in collaboration software, second only to spending on security, which nearly two-thirds of businesses increased.

Mid-sized companies with 251-500 employees have seen the biggest shifts in priorities, including increases in spending for security (74 percent), collaboration (66 percent), contact center software (59 percent) and contact tracing (53 percent). Overall, company owners and CEOs are more likely to say AI has increased in priority (46 percent).

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