Report: Intelligent cyber threat response

Cybersecurity professionals know there are fundamental gaps in most cyber operations centers, one of which is the overwhelming level of effort required to understand cyber threat information.

report Intelligent cyber threat response

As a result, cyber analysts are rarely allowed to produce their primary work product: actionable intelligence. The operative descriptor is actionable—wholistic intelligence delivered to the right people at the right time to make informed actions to protect their networks. Analyst1 bridges the gap between threat information and actionable intelligence.

Points of discussion

  • Cyber defense is worse than you think
  • Simplifying cyber security
  • Empowering analysts to take effective action
  • Deploying Analyst1 in your environment
  • Analyst1 integrations in your environment

Read the full report to understand how to enable analysts to better research malicious activity and help accelerate the time to response and mitigation.

This report is no longer available.

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