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fighting ransomware
The shifting sands of the war against cyber extortion

Ransomware and cyber extortion attacks aimed at organizations are not letting up. Occasionally, they even come in pairs. The often large and sometimes massive ransomware …

Raising defenses against ransomware in healthcare

More than half a decade has passed since ransomware-wielding attackers started focusing on healthcare providers. Despite some initial misgivings about targeting life-saving …

Foiling RaaS attacks via active threat hunting

In this Help Net Security podcast, Jon DiMaggio, Chief Security Strategist at Analyst1, talks about the characteristic of attacks launched by Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) …

Report: Intelligent cyber threat response

Cybersecurity professionals know there are fundamental gaps in most cyber operations centers, one of which is the overwhelming level of effort required to understand cyber …

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