Confidence in FedRAMP driving cloud deployments

Maximus and Genesys announced the results of a new survey of federal, state, and local government officials about their cloud deployments.

FedRAMP cloud

The findings reveal a greater understanding of where agencies are in their cloud adoption journey, how they perceive cloud solutions, and whether they are using FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) solutions in their cloud environments.

The overwhelming majority of respondents confirm that they have at least part of their systems and solutions in the cloud. Likewise, more government officials say they have moved citizen and mission data to the cloud, in part due to confidence in FedRAMP.

Key findings

  • 91% of federal agency respondents and 93% of state and local respondents said they have all, most, or some systems and solutions in the cloud.
  • 45% of federal and 52% of state and local respondents said their agency currently stores citizen and mission data in the cloud.
  • 95% of federal and 97% of state and local respondents recognized benefits, beyond adhering to mandates, from moving to a FedRAMP-authorized solution, including long-term cost savings and acceleration to broader cloud adoption.

“It is clear from the results of the survey that government agencies recognize the value of FedRAMP from the security standpoint along with the ability to drive long-term cost-savings and embark on an accelerated cloud adoption strategy,” said Raj Parameswaran, President, U.S Federal Information Technology, Maximus.

“Those who have already adopted FedRAMP-authorized cloud services are certainly thinking about how to move and secure more of their enterprise technology in the cloud.”

Migrating to the cloud helps deliver business value

“As government technology leaders accelerate their IT modernization efforts since COVID-19, they are clearly looking to FedRAMP-authorized solutions to enable a remote workforce and meet stringent security compliance requirements,” said Bruce Caswell, President and CEO, Maximus.

“This survey shows that migrating to the cloud helps deliver business value, while meeting the growing needs for delivering optimal citizen services.”

“Agencies are proving the transformational benefits as they migrate to the cloud from on-premises systems,” said David York, Senior VP, U.S. Public Sector, Genesys.

“As others look to follow in those footsteps, they are recognizing the value of compliance standards like FedRAMP-authorized solutions. The survey findings are the latest example of how critical it is to have a proven cloud migration strategy.”

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