Rocket Terminal Emulator: Cost-effective host access without compromising functionality

Rocket Software announced the availability of Rocket Terminal Emulator, the culmination of decades of investment in this critical and often-overlooked technology space.

This software upgrade is available at no cost to all Rocket terminal emulation customers, including BlueZone and Passport, as part of the company’s commitment to delivering the most feature-rich, configurable and modern host access for mission-critical systems.

IBM Z, IBM i, and other virtual terminal, VT-based systems continue to be the cornerstones of business operations in companies around the world. While many users access these systems through enhanced user interfaces, many daily users, system administrators and power users interact directly with these applications through an emulator that enables access through a PC or mobile device.

Rudimentary emulators hinder these users, creating frustration with limited configurability and cumbersome interfaces. The resulting loss of productivity and increasing error rates compromise the core operational systems of the business.

“Rocket’s terminal emulation solutions have worked for BerkOne for many years,” said Kristen Dougherty, Director of Information Technology at BerkOne, a leading provider of content and process automation. “We appreciate their partnership as well as the ongoing innovation and investment they make in this critical technology for accessing our Linux systems.”

With remote and hybrid workforces becoming standard, terminal emulation is critical to operational efficiency and business continuity for core applications. Rocket Terminal Emulator is highly configurable, ensuring users can quickly and securely customize their terminal environment, whether accessing it through a desktop or browser-based client.

“Our years of investment in terminal emulators have delivered a feature-rich, highly configurable solution that enhances host access for users while keeping costs low,” said Christopher Wey, President of the Rocket business unit that develops cross-platform utilities.

“We are offering this software upgrade at no cost to every Rocket terminal emulation customer, including BlueZone and Passport users, ensuring all Rocket customers have exceptional access to critical systems.”

For companies looking to lower their terminal emulator costs, Rocket’s competitive pricing and flexible licensing models fit within tight IT budgets without compromising functionality. Rocket Terminal Emulator:

  • Provides exceptional configurability, ensuring host access is seamless and comfortable for users
  • Delivers ongoing innovation including hot spots to dynamically create URLs, power pad configurable buttons, local and network printing, and secure file transfer support
  • Supports critical security measures including MFA integration with Okta and Duo
  • Enables host access from any browser, through a desktop client, or through the Zowe open mainframe framework
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