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Enhancing mainframe security with proven best practices

Mainframe systems have served as the bedrock of enterprise networks for years, standing unmatched in terms of reliability, scalability, and data protection. However, security …

Mainframes are around to stay, it’s time to protect them

While many organizations run their core business applications on the mainframe, IT leaders lack confidence in the effectiveness of their mainframe security compliance, …

IT leaders believe hybrid cloud solutions are the future of IT

IT leaders are losing sleep over improving overall IT performance (60%), data security (50%), process risk and compliance (46%), and the need to improve agility (41%), …

Rocket Support for Zowe enables developers to modernize and accelerate mainframe app development

Rocket Software has launched Rocket Support for Zowe, a supporting offering for the Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe open-source framework for z/OS and its multiple modern …

Mainframe still powering critical business operations

Rocket Software released a report, based on a survey of over 500 U.S. IT professionals in firms using mainframes focused on their priorities, challenges and plans for …

Rocket Terminal Emulator: Cost-effective host access without compromising functionality

Rocket Software announced the availability of Rocket Terminal Emulator, the culmination of decades of investment in this critical and often-overlooked technology space. This …

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