Lunavi launches Azure Adoption Program aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

Lunavi (formerly Green House Data) announces the launch of its new Azure Adoption Program aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF).

The program helps enterprise customers rapidly transition from their current on-premise infrastructure to a secure Azure cloud environment that takes advantage of best practices in security, governance, and optimization.

This new program comes at a time when more businesses are turning to cloud to deliver value and capabilities to their customers.

By the end of this year, the public cloud services market is expected to reach $304.9 billion worldwide, reflecting a 18.4% increase over 2020 according to Gartner.

With Lunavi’s Azure Adoption Program, customers are able to accelerate their transition to the cloud with a secure Azure environment that is embedded with best practices to support rapid modernization, ongoing elasticity, and faster time to value.

“Public cloud services are absolutely essential to help organizations innovate, improve customer experiences, and strengthen ways in which they do business to maintain a competitive edge,” said Lunavi CEO Shawn Mills.

“The Azure Adoption Program is unique in its modularity, so that regardless of where clients are in their digital transformation journeys, we can design a cloud solution that works for them.

Lunavi helps accelerate their move from legacy, resource-intensive architectures to a flexible landscape, and teaches them how to leverage new capabilities to position them for future growth and success.”

Highlights of Lunavi’s accelerated program for secure Azure adoption include:

  • Determining business goals and performing in-depth analysis of existing infrastructure, including assessing customer needs, cloud readiness, and Azure migration
  • Planning lift-and-shift through application modernization, process improvement, and automation
  • Executing migration with Lunavi’s proprietary delivery team model, focused on knowledge sharing, and phased approach with robust testing
  • Continuously managing and innovating using application modernization, process improvement, and automation

Central to Lunavi’s new Azure Adoption Program is its proprietary, integrated delivery team model, which leverages proven, best practices in application development and focuses on integration, knowledge-sharing, and agile methodologies to significantly increase value and reduce time to market.

This unique approach enables enterprises to deploy next-gen application design and continuous deployment models that drive agility, improve resiliency, and optimize performance as they continue their cloud journey.

As one of a select few to receive the Microsoft Azure Expert MSP designation, Lunavi draws on extensive knowledge across Azure technology offerings, and is also a Microsoft Gold and VMWare Cloud Verified partner.

Its name combines “Lu” meaning light and “Navi” meaning navigation to describe how it works to illuminate the path forward to help businesses navigate what’s next in providing ROI and exceptional customer experience.


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