Deep Instinct launches performance guarantee and ransomware insurance up to $3 million

Deep Instinct backed its product with a performance guarantee that ensures a low false positive rate, plus a ransomware warranty up to $3 million per company for a single breach.

“We are offering a level of protection for our customers that goes beyond anything on the market today,” said Guy Caspi, co-founder and CEO of Deep Instinct.

“We’re raising the stakes when it comes to the level of actionable and accurate information that security teams can count on, allowing them to be more productive in their ongoing battle against cyber attacks – and backing that with a warranty.”

A recently released research study by Deep Instinct details the hundreds of millions of attempted cyber attacks that occurred every day throughout 2020 and shows malware increased by 358% while ransomware increased by 435% as compared with 2019.

Additionally, a study conducted by Forrester Consulting reported Deep Instinct endpoint protection reduces the likelihood of a cybersecurity breach, and saves significant time managing endpoints by using a proactive method of threat prevention, where most threats are stopped before reaching the execution stage, according to the commissioned study.

Findings included the following:

  • 99% reduction in the number of alerts as a consequence of eliminating false positives
  • 90% reduction in alerts requiring manual investigation – attributable to Deep Instinct’s automated investigation and remediation capabilities.

The Deep Instinct guarantee and warranty is backed by an insurance policy purchased from the Munich Re Group, which carried out extensive due diligence on Deep Instinct’s technology and is now able to use its new product aiSure to insure Deep Instinct.

This allows Deep Instinct to guarantee the performance of its artificial intelligence (AI) software and add an additional financial component to its highly-effective operational cyber-risk protection products.

“Insuring Deep Instinct’s technology is another important milestone in the development of aiSure.

“We are delighted to support a truly innovative company that is a pioneer in its field,” said Greg Barats, senior executive at Munich Re and president and CEO of HSB, a Munich Re Group company.

“The partnership gives Deep Instinct a significant competitive advantage − providing its clients with a strong signal of trust and accountability.”

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