EclecticIQ expands MSSP offering through ACDS partnership

EclecticIQ has partnered with Applied Cyber Defense Systems (ACDS) to expand its offering as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). The partnership follows EclecticIQ’s acquisition of endpoint security platform, PolyLogyx, last year, helping to realize the company’s vision as a true innovator within the space.

ACDS provides Managed SOC services, and its next-generation security mechanisms are supported by Intercept, a platform engineered to deliver some of the most sophisticated defenses in the world. Paired with Polylogyx’s technology, EclecticIQ and ACDS can offer sophisticated threat intelligence services for both businesses and end users.

“There has been a significant increase in the number of cyberattacks since the onset of the pandemic,” commented Joep Gommers, EclecticIQ’s co-founder and chief executive officer.

“It’s time to double down on security because threat actors are looking to exploit the situation. In order to protect themselves, companies need to focus their cybersecurity resources and ensure they choose the right solution to maintain cybersecurity posture.”

“We’re really pleased to be partnering with ACDS to draw on their expertise and expand our offering into the Middle East and Africa, where the demand for threat intelligence services is ever increasing.

“In the longer term, we hope to integrate our XDR detection and response technologies to deliver a sophisticated, best in class solution.”

Andrew Chester, chief executive officer at ACDS, commented; “Africa is a hotbed for cyber attacks and offensive operations, with very little intelligence-based defensive capability and operations being given the correct amount of attention.”

“We are taking the fight directly to advanced advisories throughout the EMEA market. We will no longer be satisfied being one step behind the advisory, instead we will be taking a proactive, intelligence driven approach to defensive security operations for our customers.”

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