Cybersixgill Darkfeed available through Swimlane’s security automation platform

Cybersixgill announced that Darkfeed will be available through Swimlane‘s security automation platform.

Now, Swimlane users can enhance their threat research and incident response by integrating actionable alerts from the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive intelligence collection from the deep and dark web.

“Accurate and actionable intelligence is the key to successfully scaling cyber security operations,” said Ron Shamir, VP products and technology alliances at Cybersixgill.

“With Darkfeed, Swimlane users gain access to an automated stream of threat intel that they can tailor to meet the needs of their organization’s risk posture and tolerance. This marks the beginning of a growing partnership with Swimlane.”

Powered by the broadest automated collection from the deep and dark web, Cybersixgill Darkfeed is a feed of malicious indicators of compromise (IOCs), including domains, URLs, hashes and IP addresses.

With Darkfeed, IOCs are automatically extracted and delivered in real-time. It is actionable, allowing Swimlane customers to receive and preemptively block items that threaten their organization directly from the Swimlane platform.

“Cybersixgill is a natural partner for us as we continue to help customers identify new ways to automate some of security’s most time and resource-intensive processes,” said Karen Rhys Wood VP global alliances, at Swimlane.

“By integrating Darkfeed directly into Swimlane’s extensible security automation platform, which was designed with an automation engine as its core and differentiates our platform from other SOAR solutions out there, security operations teams gain threat intelligence while eliminating time consuming, manual tasks.”

Through this integration, mutual customers are able to automate a response to threats in advance by using a premium, automated threat intelligence solution based on the most comprehensive data sources from the deep, dark and surface web.

Users will be able to enhance their threat hunting activities and conduct deep analysis of malware available on the dark web. In addition, they can covertly monitor critical assets and priorities, as well as respond to threats directly from the Swimlane platform.

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