HYAS Protect integrates with Microsoft Defender to offer comprehensive endpoint protection

HYAS announced technology integration between HYAS Protect and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

The combined solution increases Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’s proven security coverage and efficacy, offering comprehensive endpoint protection for our joint customers.

Cybersecurity threats continue to proliferate, and according to Gartner research, “The growth of ransomware, fileless and phishing attacks has urged technology providers to innovate.”

HYAS Protect provides a generational leap forward utilizing authoritative knowledge of attacker infrastructure to proactively protect enterprises from cyberattacks.

HYAS Protect complements Microsoft Defender for Endpoint security capabilities by identifying communication with malicious destinations, enabling Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to block the attacks.

With the combined capabilities, enterprises have one of the industry’s most proactive solutions for identifying adversary communication and intercepting attacks before damage occurs.

Attacks by adversaries, whether malware, ransomware, phishing, fileless, or supply chain attacks, involve communication to adversary infrastructure.

HYAS Protect preempts attacks by combining infrastructure expertise, a unique data lake processing over 3.3B data points per day, and multi-variant communication pattern analysis to deliver reputational verdicts for internet infrastructure.

HYAS Protect, a SaaS protective DNS solution, identifies and blocks network communication to command and control (C2) infrastructure and phishing sites used in cyber attacks.

The HYAS Protect integration enables enterprises with Defender for Endpoint to block attacker communications and helps stop attacks against their endpoints.

Additional joint solution benefits

  • Improved endpoint security by blocking phishing, malware, and ransomware communications
  • Enhanced security operations center (SOC) productivity by reducing false positive alerts and resulting alert fatigue
  • Cloud-native and highly scalable solution deployed using Microsoft Azure and Azure Event Hub
  • Optimal device performance leverages Defender for Endpoint and avoids additional endpoint agents
  • Improved network governance through visibility to DNS traffic

“Attackers continue to be creative in causing damage, and a mobile workforce increases the enterprise attack surface. HYAS turns the table on attackers by exposing and blocking their infrastructure and communication channels,” said Dave Ratner, CEO, HYAS.

“The combination of HYAS Protect and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint enables enterprises to quickly deploy a unique solution that shuts the door on multiple attack vectors.”

“Members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, like HYAS, offer solutions that supercharge defense work against a world of increasingly sophisticated, fast-moving threats,” said Rob Lefferts, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Defender.

“The integration of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with HYAS Protect allows us to work together to help customers navigate the security landscape.”

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