Mosyle boosts Apple device management and security with Mosyle Fuse

Mosyle announced a new approach to Apple device management and protection with the introduction of Mosyle Fuse.

The product is the cloud-native solution to blend enterprise-grade mobile device management (MDM), identity management, automated applications installing and patching, and multi-layer endpoint security for Apple-focused enterprises.

According to IDC’s MarketScape: Unified Endpoint Management for Apple Device Report, macOS was the operating system for 23% of computers at U.S. companies with 1,000 employees or more in 2020, up from 17% in 2019.

However, Apple’s growth creates new responsibilities for enterprises deploying, managing and protecting devices at scale.

“Apple adoption in the enterprise is growing exponentially,” said Alcyr Araujo, founder and CEO, Mosyle.

“But this comes a time where work-from-anywhere initiatives are pushing management and protection away from the network to the endpoint. Mosyle Fuse is the obvious combination of Apple MDM and security that supports that shift for enterprises across the globe.”

Mosyle Fuse is purpose-built to meet these challenges, helping Mac admins automate Apple device management and combine it with enhanced identity and security functionality.

Mosyle Fuse provides essential enterprise functionality through frictionless workflows, including:

  • Mobile business MDM: Delivers full MDM for macOS, iOS and tvOS, zero-touch deployment and automated ongoing management, support for shared devices, support for User Enrollment, and integrations with Google, Microsoft, Active Directory and APIs.
  • Hardening and compliance: Ensures devices leverage the latest macOS security tools, follow leading cybersecurity recommendations, and meet industry compliance mandates. The offering also automates compliance remediation and simplifies audits with one-click report functionality.
  • Detection and removal: Provides the first and only antivirus to natively integrate with Apple MDM, providing the power to continuously scan, isolate, lock and even wipe infected devices. The feature automatically installs on current and future devices with no action from end-users or Mac administrators, removing the friction of deployment.
  • Mosyle auth 2: Continues to enhance security, standardize local account creation and increase end-user experience with Single Sign-On for macOS, but delivers improved workflows, automation and design compared to the first generation feature.
  • Mosyle app catalog: Offers an efficient and automated method to handle, install, patch and grant PPPC for non-App Store macOS apps. The feature eliminates the time-consuming and manual process of managing non-App Store apps.

Mosyle Fuse also comes with access to the company’s support team at no additional charge. Mosyle Technical Support helps more than 20,000 customers in over 90 countries manage millions of devices every day.

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