nFront Weak Password Scanner helps orgs scan breached passwords

nFront Weak Password Scanner is available for free to companies worldwide allowing them to scan their Active Directory against over 700 million breached passwords in less than one second.

Weak Password Scanner

The tool can leverage the haveibeenpwned database or a custom file of password hashes.

Being able to pinpoint any possible issues that could occur such as a data breach or failing an audit saves the company a lot of stress considering the average breach costs approximately $3.86 million (IBM).

While other password scanning tools only show the number of breached passwords, the nFront tool reveals the exact usernames related to each compromised employee password. Instead of charging for the tool, nFront simply suggests a small donation to one of several charities.

It can be frightening for some IT managers when they see passwords such as Password1 or Summer2020 on their network. This is expected since humans choose the easiest one to remember and may not realize that it could be detrimental to the company.

The next step would be to implement the nFront Password Filter to stop poor password choices from occurring. nFront Password Filter allows you to have up to 10 different password policies in the same Windows domain.

It supports custom dictionary blacklisting and has the ability to check a password against the haveibeenpwned file of breached passwords.

The nFront Weak Password Scanner represents a great tool to improve your password security.

“Every day we encounter companies who have made large investments in expensive security tools for firewalls, identity management, data encryption, etc. However, most overlook the need for better passwords,” said Gregg Branham, CEO at nFront Security.

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