N-able N-central integrates with Microsoft Intune helping MSPs protect clients’ apps and devices

N-able announced it has integrated N-able N-central with Microsoft Intune, a component of Microsoft 365 Business Premium, helping MSPs manage and protect their clients’ apps and devices.

Now, N-central users can see Intune-managed devices to help maintain consistent policies and configurations directly from the N-central dashboard.

They can see all alerts for devices and create consolidated reports all in one place—strengthening data protection and streamlining monitoring and management efficiency.

Intune enables MSPs to securely manage workstations and mobile devices to help configure application and app protection policies.

With this integration, MSPs can use N-central to authenticate access and discover client devices managed by Intune—and bring them under a single device view.

Users then install N-central Professional or Essential agent-selected devices managed by Intune, to view them in the N-central dashboard. Managing these devices from within N-central allows MSPs to apply profiles created in Intune from the N-central dashboard to multiple customers at one time.

In addition to consolidating alerts in one place, state changes from all devices can flow to the MSP’s PSA or ticketing system, and richer reporting information can provide a more comprehensive view of the MSP’s entire customer base.

“Managing devices in two systems can be time-consuming and juggling two separate dashboards to align policies and see alerts can lead to errors.

“This integration enhances our partners’ Intune experience and allows them to fully leverage its capabilities in a simpler way.

“This, in turn, will increase technician efficiency, help deliver stronger security, and provide a differentiated service for the MSP to their customers,” said Mav Turner, group vice president of products, N-able.

“Virtually every one of our partners uses Microsoft software in their business or have clients that do. Connecting N-central and Intune is another important step in our effort to meet our partners’ cross-vendor and cross-solution needs, and most importantly, it saves them time.”

“By integrating Intune and N-central, MSPs can manage the entirety of their clients’ devices from one dashboard while increasing their ability to keep them secure and running smoothly,” said Tim Sinclair, principal program manager, Microsoft.

“This step supports MSP success with a more simplified and integrated ecosystem—and when combined with the power of multi-tenant monitoring, automation, and reporting capabilities available in N-central, the two solutions are truly a ‘better together’ combination.”

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