TrustGrid unveils digital vaccine passport for identity authentication and vaccination status

TrustGrid announced a new use case for its platform to provide citizens with a secure digital vaccine passport that can be stored on their smartphone.

TrustGrid has been used for the last five years by the Australian state government to secure a digital driver’s license ecosystem.

Designed using distributed ledger technology, TrustGrid is an opt-in system where citizens can authenticate their identity and vaccination status and receive a QR code to show as proof of vaccination.

Any personal information is encrypted and stored in such a way that it is inaccessible without permission.

How the TrustGrid vaccine passport works

  • Users opt-in using TrustGrid’s platform.
  • A COVID Vaccine Passport service workflow is created to define various identity representations and establish privacy and confidentiality parameters.
  • Workflows might consist of proof of vaccine authenticity, confirmation of health administrators’ identity, onboarding, and verification of citizen vaccine recipients.
  • TrustGrid encrypts all citizen data to ensure that data is accessible only through explicit user consent.
  • Proof of vaccination can then be shared via digitally signed consent by the user wherever it’s needed through an Android or iPhone app.

The TrustGrid Software-as-a-Service ecosystem uses distributed ledger technology to create a distributed identity network to ensure greater accuracy and data security.

Using TrustGrid, any organization can offer a secure digital infrastructure where identity transactions can be executed with absolute privacy, whether you are validating individuals or goods.

For applications such as validating vaccinations and health records, individuals can use TrustGrid to present proof of vaccination with absolute confidentiality since underlying health records and personal data are never exposed.

TrustGrid also encrypts all data to ensure that data can only be accessed with user consent.

TrustGrid is structured as a consortium-enabled network. A consortium or group, such as a government health agency or healthcare provider, creates an invitation-only ecosystem that operates under the governance of the participants.

For vaccination passports, citizens who receive the vaccine would opt into the TrustGrid ecosystem after the vaccine is administered, receiving a QR code that is stored on their smartphone. The QR code serves as a permanent record that shows proof of vaccination.

“TrustGrid allows those who get a COVID vaccine to opt-in and accept proof of vaccination with a guarantee of total confidentiality,” said Santosh Devaraj, CEO, and founder of TrustGrid Pty Ltd.

“There has been a lot of concern about instituting vaccine passports, largely because of concerns over citizen privacy.

“TrustGrid offers the ideal solution for vaccine validation since it is secure and gives citizens complete control over enrolment without revealing personal data. Their personal information is never exposed, but TrustGrid provides absolute proof of vaccination.”

The TrustGrid secure digital ecosystem also can be extended to any group, organization, or agency that joins the consortium to verify identity and credentials for other services with sovereign control of data and maximized citizen privacy.

For example, TrustGrid is already being used by the New South Wales government in Australia to issue digitized trade licenses and driver’s licenses.

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