Avaya OneCloud CCaaS connects voice, digital and AI apps using a single visual design environment

Avaya introduced new capabilities for Avaya OneCloud CCaaS that deliver better outcomes for customers by connecting voice, digital and AI applications using a single visual design environment.

The graphical low code/no code conversation composer empowers domain experts to quickly integrate a wide range of AI-enabled insights and processes with advanced OneCloud CCaaS voice and digital capabilities. Contact center staff are now empowered to create more memorable customer experiences.

AI-based customer service continues to grow rapidly, by identifying, predicting and enabling better customer experiences faster than traditional approaches.

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 40 percent of enterprise applications will have embedded conversational AI, up from less than 5 percent today. These new AI-based benefits enable Avaya to deliver on the promise and potential of OneCloud CCaaS voice-based automation, in particular.

Key benefits of AI workflow:

  • Realize the power of voice-based automation and intelligent interactions using domain-led designs that are effortlessly composed
  • Compose and modify applications easily for hybrid cloud deployments using a single visual user interface
  • Leverage pluggable, pre-built, bring or create your own AI​, with multilingual Virtual Agent, Chatbot, and Agent Assist capabilities​ and OOTB integrations including Google Dialogflow, Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson and Alexa Skills Kit​
  • Use built-in analytics and insights to better support decisions on what customers want and need
  • Take advantage of low code / no code feature for flexible, agile integrations
  • Leverage 20+ languages including English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and more, while also supporting language-independent machine learning models ​

According to Gartner Peer Insights, global organizations that have implemented Avaya OneCloud CCaaS to improve customer experience have touted its functionality and performance, as well as the future vision for the solution.

Users have called Avaya OneCloud CCaaS a “hugely capable solution providing group-wide benefits for a digital business,” and a “simple and easy to use cloud solution.”

“Leveraging the power of AI, machine learning and a multi-cloud platform, Avaya is helping customers move beyond the traditional contact center to create composable customer experience centers that drive revenue and build real brand advocacy,” said Anthony Bartolo, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Avaya.

“Avaya’s AI-powered workflow capability enables users to easily compose and customize applications, providing full integration with data repositories ensuring continual improvement of underlying machine learning algorithms within Avaya’s multi-cloud ecosystem across the Avaya OneCloud portfolio.​

“We’re making it easier than ever for OneCloud CCaaS users to synchronize resources across the entire organization and deliver the right knowledge at the right time for the optimal outcomes.”

“Businesses are rapidly becoming composable organizations,” said Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research.

“Digital transformation, COVID-19 and other trends have taught us a valuable lesson and that is business agility is everything, particularly in the area of contact center as customer experience is now the top brand differentiator.

“The new AI workflow capability for Avaya OneCloud CCaaS enables companies to realize the benefits of AI in a number of different ways. The CCaaS solution has a number of pre-built AI features but then customers can use the low code/no code features to build custom capabilities.”

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