McAfee partners with Fujitsu to deliver consumer security solutions to FCCL device users

McAfee announced a new evolution of its partnership, including a multi-year extended agreement, with Fujitsu Client Computing to deliver consumer security solutions to FCCL device users.

McAfee and FCCL’s longstanding partnership makes the integration of the products seamless to end-users allowing them to easily leverage McAfee security solutions to protect their digital lives.

As consumers and businesses alike adjust to a new digital-first lifestyle due to the global pandemic, hackers adjust their tactics and the volume of threats created for hackers to profit as people do more and more online.

In Q4 2020, McAfee Labs observed an average of 648 threats per minute, an increase of 60 threats per minute (10%). In fact, the latest McAfee Threats Report: April 2021, which examined cybercriminal activity related to malware and the evolution of cyber threats in the third and fourth quarters of 2020, found the two quarters saw COVID-19-related cyber-attack detections increase by 240% in Q3 and 114% in Q4.

“Our OEM partners know that is the critical that from the first use of any PC, consumers know they have security in place to keep them protected from agile hackers looking to infiltrate their devices for benefit,” said Pedro Gutierrez, SVP Global Consumer Sales & Operations at McAfee.

“Through this expanded partnership, Fujitsu consumer PC users are empowered to put security first, protecting what matters to them most – their digital lives.”

McAfee LiveSafe provides features that protect consumers during their daily connected lives – from online shopping to banking to telehealth.

McAfee LiveSafe includes antivirus and web protection, and is purpose-built for the user experience, ensuring that consumers understand not only the protections they need, but also how to easily access and utilize them. VPN, privacy and identity protections features are rolling out to regions.

“Together, FCCL and McAfee aim to deliver high-quality solutions for all consumers,” said Shinji Yoshida, Head of Product Related Services Business Unit at FCCL. “Partnering together is a great match and empowers our users with built-in security to protect computing across today’s increasingly diverse life settings.”

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