Offensive Security unveils a new Federal practice area

Offensive Security announced a new Federal practice area. The company also announced that Keith Peer has joined Offensive Security as Head of Federal to lead its work in the public sector, which already includes the U. S. Intelligence Community, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and many other Federal civilian agency clients.

As the military and public agencies come under more fire from nation-state sponsored adversaries and cybercriminals, many are questioning the effectiveness of their security solutions and training, particularly in the wake of SolarWinds.

Offensive Security has seen increasing demand for its hands-on security training and certification credentials from Federal agencies and government contractors who are under pressure to improve their cybersecurity posture and build their readiness, resiliency, and capability.

As nation-state adversaries deploy increasingly sophisticated attacks against Federal agencies across the spectrum, there is a need to raise the bar to better train and cross-train the Military’s Cyber Mission Force and Federal civilian agencies with skilled personnel that have the ability to identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited by adversaries. Offensive Security’s new Federal practice area positions the company to meet this urgent need.

“The days of just relying on vulnerability scanners or endpoint tools are over,” said Ning Wang, CEO, Offensive Security. “The Federal Government, particularly post-SolarWinds, understands that attackers will deploy every trick in the book against them. The time is now to raise the bar, up their skill sets, and begin leveling the playing field. With Keith here to lead our efforts in the Federal space, we are happy to help provide the protection our government and citizens need.”

Peer joins Offensive Security as the Head of Federal after holding senior leadership positions at several cybersecurity organizations during his career. He oversees the company’s Federal initiatives, operations, key client relationships and sales efforts in this role.

Prior to joining Offensive Security, he worked in a dual role as Chief Commercial Officer for Millennium Corporation and Chief Scientist to the Department of Defense client. Before Millennium, Peer served as Chief Operating Officer at Perfecta Federal, Chief Operating Officer at Certified Security Solutions (now Keyfactor), and Chief Executive Officer at Central Command.

Offensive Security recommends a wide range of courses to its Federal clients, including the popular Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PEN-200), Wireless Attacks (PEN-210), Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defenses (PEN-300), Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation (WEB-300), Windows User Mode Exploit Development (EXP-301), and Advanced Windows Exploitation (WEB-401). OffSec also offers Federal clients use of its Proving Grounds platform, a family of training labs designed to help those interested learn hacking techniques.

The Federal practice area within Offensive Security witnessed a 110% growth in the number of inquiries within the first quarter of 2021. A significant portion are seeking to move from providing training to specific individuals to training larger cohorts. An additional change this year has been providing persistent cross-training to the broader Cyber Mission Force to deliver consistently better outcomes than previously achieved.

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