ZeroFOX launches App Library to provide integrated external threat intelligence and protection

ZeroFOX announced the release of the largest App Library enabling security teams to streamline their response to external threats through effective threat intelligence enrichment, alert orchestration and incident remediation. Enterprise security teams can easily engage with hundreds of platforms including Elastic, Swimlane, D3 Security and Maltego within the ZeroFOX Platform.

The expanded App Library includes, but is not limited to, intelligence collection, service management, analytics and investigation, security event orchestration, vulnerability intelligence, and threat disruption apps pre-integrated with the ZeroFOX Platform.

ZeroFOX’s App Library contains over 700 applications with a particular and common customer focus requiring help with:

  • Intelligence collection and enrichment: Applications that automate the collection and processing of intelligence data across the surface, deep and dark web, social media, mobile app stores, collaboration tools and e-marketplaces.
  • Security event integration and orchestration: Applications that allow SOC and security teams to easily share data between platforms and extend visibility and analysis with tools like SIEMs, SOARs and TIPs.
  • Incident remediation and disruption: Applications that enable swift remediation of external threats by disrupting attacker infrastructure including domain hosts and registrars such as GoDaddy, Google Domains and Cloudflare.

“ZeroFOX’s App Library is uniquely designed to eliminate legacy security tech silos and provide effective threat intelligence enrichment, alert orchestration and real-time incident remediation,” said James C. Foster, Chief Executive Officer at ZeroFOX.

“We understand that enterprise security teams rely on a host of platforms to protect their organizations and we want to help further reduce risk for our customers by decreasing the time it takes to get actionable intelligence into a company’s security tech stack. Our App Library is unmatched when it comes to breadth and transparency within the platform, thus unlocking substantial value to our customers. I’m looking forward to continuing to expand it in the coming year.”

“The global pandemic and other market forces have kicked digital transformation into overdrive across all industries. Adversaries are also acutely aware of how quickly organizations are expanding their digital surfaces and are rushing in to take advantage of related security gaps,” said Hugh Njemanze, President, Anomali. “We are pleased to partner with ZeroFOX on this initiative. Anomali is established as an intelligence-led solutions provider that empowers customers to quickly detect, investigate, and respond to high-priority threats.”

New integration partners and applications are being added to the App Library ecosystem on a weekly basis. These partnerships provide value to enterprises seeking greater visibility and contextualization across the external threat landscape within a single system. Customers can access these apps through extensible REST APIs and pre-built connectors for seamless integrations with their current tech stack.

“This partnership provides a robust integration between ZeroFOX alert data and Elastic to leverage its data storage, enrichment, correlation and visualization of threats identified across a company’s external attack surface,” said Mike Nichols, Security Product Lead, Elastic. “We look forward to providing increased value in the form of improved operational efficiencies, investigations and case management capabilities for our joint customers.”

ZeroFOX is committed to innovating at world-class pace on behalf of our customers and this industry in support of a more connected security ecosystem.

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