GoSecure Titan update enhances MDR service to speed up ransomware and malware detection

GoSecure announced the release of the latest update to the GoSecure Titan platform. As the threat landscape changes, GoSecure Titan is constantly evolving to protect organizations of all sizes. The Spring update illustrates the continued evolution of the GoSecure Titan platform.

With the rapid escalation of attack techniques, GoSecure emphasizes detecting suspicious behaviors that can be combined to become malicious. Cyberattackers are constantly mixing their techniques in creative ways to bypass traditional cybersecurity technologies.

GoSecure Titan analyzes each new approach by evaluating behaviors independently and when combined with other behaviors to identify truly malicious activity. This update enhances both the automation engine underlying GoSecure Titan and the capabilities that allow our threat hunters to detect even more.

“GoSecure Titan is always evolving, always progressing, to better protect our customers,” said Neal Creighton, GoSecure CEO. “Our analysts and Titan Labs researchers are constantly identifying new techniques based on real-world attacks. We are proud that this latest release adds almost 100 new detection capabilities to our already market-leading visibility.”

The GoSecure Titan platform has been enhanced with a significant number of new detection capabilities across more than a dozen categories, allowing GoSecure threat hunters to continue mitigating attacks in under 15 minutes. These new capabilities include:

  • Code injection
  • Host discovery
  • Host enumeration
  • Access token manipulation
  • Credential stealing
  • Interactive PowerShell
  • Interactive Authentication Events
  • File Events
  • Object Events
  • Privilege Modification Events
  • Role Modification Events
  • System state changes
  • Local User Management Events
  • Group Management Events
  • System Security Modification Events
  • Audit Policy Modification Events

The GoSecure Titan Spring update extends Linux support, as well as enhancing support for newer Operating Systems, including:

“We pride ourselves on detecting and mitigating attacks in less than 15 minutes, and the GoSecure Titan platform allows us to continue delivering on this promise,” said Travis Barlow, SVP of MDR services. “As attackers grow more sophisticated, it’s imperative that we identify these new techniques or combination of techniques before an endpoint is breached. Our threat hunters have already blocked multiple attacks based on these new detections and will continue to protect our customers from the newest unknown attacks.”

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