CyberArk Identity Security Platform enhancements secure risky access and broaden identity protection

CyberArk announced major advancements to the CyberArk Identity Security Platform to help secure high-risk access and broaden protection across cloud and hybrid environments.

Global organizations of all sizes can benefit from CyberArk’s comprehensive, flexible set of cloud-delivered products and shared services to achieve an unmatched zero trust-based approach to protecting human and machine identities.

Digital transformation and cloud migration initiatives continue to accelerate, and as a result, attackers are now targeting a quickly expanding attack surface, where any user can have some level of privileged access.

Identity is at the center of the attack path. According to the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), 94 percent of organizations have experienced an identity-related breach at some point. Organizations must evolve their cybersecurity programs by taking a security-first, least privilege view of identity-related risk to help eliminate security gaps.

Centered on privileged access management, the CyberArk Identity Security Platform provides customers with a unified and holistic approach to securing access for any user, across any type of application or system, from anywhere, using any device. New Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings introduced today include:

  • CyberArk Dynamic Privileged Access: Drastically reduces risk of standing access by provisioning just-in-time access to hybrid and cloud workloads, starting with Windows and Linux Virtual Machines. Dynamic Privileged Access also includes full audit capabilities, providing insight into exactly who accessed what and when. Only CyberArk secures both standing and dynamic access across hybrid and multi-cloud environments while enforcing least privilege controls.
  • CyberArk Secure Web Sessions: Adds additional layers of security to high-risk browser-based applications access via continuous monitoring, re-authentication enforcement and isolation of malicious processes originating on user devices. Secure Web Sessions enables enterprises to record and audit risky user behavior within any web application while maintaining a frictionless user experience.
  • CyberArk Lifecycle Management for Privileged Users: An expansion of existing capabilities, customers can now further expedite employee onboarding, including those with privileged access, and meet audit and compliance mandates more efficiently. Lifecycle Management for Privileged Users integrates with existing solutions or can work with HR-driven identity management solutions, providing further flexibility to enterprises.

“CyberArk is a critical component of our Identity and Access Management strategy, which enables us to deliver on our company’s digital transformation goals,” said Tony DeAngelo, assistant vice president, information security, Encova Insurance. “And like many organizations, we’re becoming more cloud-oriented, causing our CyberArk footprint to continue to grow and evolve as managing Identity Security and privileged access for our organization and partner organizations becomes even more vital.”

New cloud-native shared services streamline operations and reduce risk

The CyberArk Identity Security Platform’s new cloud-native shared services are available to customers running CyberArk software on-premises, in their own clouds, or managed by CyberArk. Shared services include:

  • A unified identity management, authentication and authorization layer enabling enterprises to scale the protection of identities with a unified administrator experience
  • AI-powered Identity Security analytics uniting user behavior and privileged threat analytics to enable customers to detect and respond to potential security incidents more quickly
  • An integrated Identity Agent to provide robust Zero Trust controls on endpoints with strong identity assurance via adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), least privilege and session protection
  • API-first design enabling easy integration of third-party applications into the CyberArk Identity Security Platform

“CyberArk’s strong SaaS portfolio gives customers the flexibility to rapidly accelerate their Identity Security strategies while delivering unmatched user experiences and streamlining operations,” said Chen Bitan, chief product officer, CyberArk. “CyberArk is the only Identity Security provider that can offer a truly integrated, holistic set of solutions in flexible deployment models that match customers’ preferences – from hybrid to SaaS.​”

As part of its Identity Security Platform, CyberArk also introduced Conjur Cloud, a SaaS-based version of its Conjur secrets management solution. Conjur simplifies securing secrets used by software development pipelines and across entire application portfolios.

Dynamic Privileged Access and Secure Web Sessions will be generally available by the end of the year. Conjur Cloud and expanded Lifecycle Management capabilities for Privileged Users will be available in 2022.

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