Kinetic Business DDoS Mitigation Service helps customers protect networks from attacks

Kinetic Business introduced DDoS Mitigation Service, a fully managed service that monitors, detects, validates and mitigates attacks—even on third-party networks —before an outage or related damage occurs. The service augments Kinetic’s portfolio of security services and complements the company’s leading business data and voice services.

DDoS attacks are disruptive and can easily make an organization’s internet circuit unavailable, impact their business and potentially put them in non-compliance with industry regulation.

Kinetic’s DDoS Mitigation Service uses a network of highly scalable scrubbing centers that ingest and inspect attack traffic upstream from the customer’s network. Keeping attacks at a distance helps insulate a company’s network while ensuring that customer traffic is uninterrupted.

“Kinetic’s DDoS Mitigation Service offers customers peace of mind from a rising trend of crippling DDoS attacks that have become easier to execute,” said Jeff Lowney, president of strategic accounts for Kinetic Business. “Our security engineers investigate potential attacks identified by the monitoring system and quickly go through the process of verifying prior to mitigating.”

The service includes both monitoring and mitigation, regardless of number and size of attacks at a predictable price, for a simpler customer experience. Customers benefit from proactive monitoring to quickly verify an attack and rapidly begin mitigation.

Additionally, auto-mitigation is an available option on Kinetic’s DDoS Mitigation Service, which makes it well-equipped to handle short “hit-and-run” attacks that can wreak havoc on a network.

Kinetic’s DDoS Mitigation Service is supported by a powerful backbone across distributed data centers. These centers support the mitigation of amplification and application layer attacks with the support of a dedicated 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC). Customers also benefit from access to a secure service portal for visibility into real-time alerts, traffic data, and mitigation activity.

In addition to a fiber-backed network, Kinetic Business offers a strong security portfolio for customers ranging in size from small to enterprise, including: Professional Services, Managed Network Security, MPLS/L3VPN and VLS, Managed Router, SD-WAN, Enhanced LAN & Wi-Fi.

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