SecurID’s enhancements allow organizations to strategize for the future of IAM

SecurID joined Identiverse to share new product enhancements, insights, and resources that will allow organizations to strategize for the future of identity and access management (IAM).

“With COVID-19 vaccination rates varying from state to state and country to country, organizations everywhere are preparing for the next phase of their identity journeys: at Identiverse 2021, SecurID experts will share how cloud deployments, hybrid operations, and frictionless user experiences will shape the future of identity and how businesses should strategize for these emerging trends,” said Dave Taku, Head of Product, SecurID.

In every sector, organizations are working through new priorities in authenticating remote workforces, preventing ransomware and other sophisticated cyberthreats and investing in solutions that maintain businesses continuity. As these new cybersecurity challenges emerge, CISOs and CTOs must also ensure convenient, frictionless access to organizational resources.

Identiverse 2021 comes at an important moment for the cybersecurity community, with businesses working to prepare long-term strategies and enable remote workers. SecurID has helped businesses adjust to these new trends and:

Accelerate cloud authentication: By combining authentication with governance in the cloud, businesses can recoup the costs associated with managing and maintaining their IAM deployment, secure operations, and simplify access. The SecurID access management platform provides enterprises with a single, enterprise-grade, scalable, and secure way to account for employees, customers, and vendors: over the last quarter, the service’s daily cloud authentications grew by 338% versus the same time last year.

This summer, SecurID will begin deploying SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Cloud, a full-featured governance and lifecycle solution as a managed service. The solution, which CRN recently named as one of the hottest cloud security products at RSA Conference, will provide organizations with full command and control of their identity needs and automatically provision and de-provision access, helping to prevent hackers from exploiting unused legacy accounts like in the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.

Adapt to hybrid work: To succeed in a work-from-anywhere world, businesses need adaptive solutions that secure operations while maintaining employee productivity. SecurID helps businesses evolve for hybrid environments: its cloud authentication technology exceeded 99.99% availability across all geographies in 2020.

That reliability will extend to the new SID700 tokens, which will be deployed and managed from the cloud and will allow organizations with cloud-based, on-premises, and mixed user groups to securely authenticate from any location. Moreover, SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Cloud will provide the right people with the right resources for the right reasons, allowing employees to remain productive – wherever they are.

Ensure frictionless convenience: Today, more employees than ever work at the far edge of IT’s control: remote work has all but erased the network perimeter, making it more critical than ever to verify that users are who they claim to be before gaining access. The best way to verify users is to provide them with a convenient authentication service that works on their devices. That’s why the new SecurID app for iOS and Android is so timely: its simple, intuitive, and accessible technology displays the one-time passcode and actions that users need to securely access organizational resources and manage their account.

The mobile app is built using the same software development kit (SDK) that SecurID will roll-out later this summer: the SecurID SDK will allow businesses to use their existing apps as SecurID multi-factor authenticators, providing end-users with simple means of authenticating within the apps that they are already familiar with.

To be effective, customer identity and access management (CIAM) must align with businesses’ existing environments: they must look, feel, and work with any business’ core services. The SecurID SDK will allow organizations to create their own, customizable MFA authenticator experience with their corporate logo and branding, blending seamlessly into existing applications.

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